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  1. e_schultz

    State to State LVN License Transfer

    I am obtaining my LVN license via the "Method 3" Program in California. It is a pathway to obtaining your LVN license through your PCT work experience and taking an approved pharmocology course. I live in Texas and want to practice in Texas. Will I be able to immediately apply to for Licensure by Endorsement or will I have to work in Cali for a time before I can apply for my Texas license?
  2. Hello all, I am a CPM student. The program I am in is basically all appreticeship...any academic learning I achieve will basically be my responsibility. Can anyone share with me some curriculum that they have found especially good. To the point and effectual. Thanks!
  3. e_schultz

    the midwifery part of nurse-midwifery curriculum

    I am looking for top notch Midwifery curriculum. Can anyone suggest any books that they found helpful during their education?