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    Diabetes Ed Work in Latin America

    Hi I am an BSN, RN, CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator). US citizen but interested in working in Latin America/Carribean (I am not picky which country, as long as it is a Spanish speaking country). I am currently in Guatemala and it seems really hard for a US prepared nurse and non citizen to get a job out of country. Anyone had any luck with it in this part of the world? What about for diabetes educator/patient education specifically (I dont feel comfortable doing hands on nursing anymore)? I am currently working really hard doing 25h/week Spanish study to become pretty fluent in Spanish (taken Spanish for years, and am currently at the advanced-intermediate level, or level 4 out of 6 total levels, 6 being completely fluent). I have also considered Puerto Rico since it is easier with work and RN clearance as a US territory, but haven't seen anything there and assume everyone is trying to do so...I am willing to work for almost no wages as long as I can survive off of them, so I may work where others wouldn't....just need enough to pay my bills back home (around $400 month). Thanks for input!
  2. I am considering residing in Latin America for a while, to be near to my b/f, but cannot work in the local jobs (work laws don't allow for this if I am not a citizen)...However, I am allowed to work for a US company while there i.e. telecommuting. Wondering if anyone has had success in a healthcare job that can be done on the phone or internet 100% off-site, while they were in another country? It can be a very easy/low pay job that doesn't necessarily have to require nursing advice...minimum wage is perfectly fine since it's cheap here. Any advice, suggestions are much appreciated! fyi I am a RN with 6 years experience, including ICU, home care ,and patient education, although I am really most comfortable with patient education (I am a Certified Diabetes Educator)
  3. I was hired into a 5 month critical care residency/training program as a new grad RN (already had my license) that guarantees you placement in one of the areas you rotate through when finished. Now that they are finished training me, the manager of the ICU center is saying if I want to work there I have to sign an 18 month contract because they spent all that money on training me (this could equate to tens of thousands of dollars if they wanted it to). I am miserable here the ICU/hospital is not for me (they have lied and walked all over me this whole time, just every week its a new lie or problem with the residency program...i definitely didn't get the training or experience they promised, they NEVER told me that i was going to be required to work an extra overtime shift every other week until just now, and my health cant afford this overtime and lack of lunches and everything else) this town is not for me (real backwards racist and tired of all my stuff being stolen at my residence)...not the point except it means that I KNOW i will not be staying for 18 months I can barely get through the next 6 without going crazy (this will be my one year mark). Here is the issue: 1. The employer made me sign a 1 year contract when i started ONLY because they gave me $6200 to pay my loans and moving costs...if i leave a DAY before the contract ends I have to pay the ENTIRE money back (in no way is it prorated), plus leave a job without at least 1 year of nursing experience, making getting another job really difficult 2. The employer DID tell me in the interview and in the email during the same time that they wanted an 18 month commitment that started AFTER i completed the residency...however, they said that it was not official, they would not make me sign anything (they are now denying this)..but still they have this over my head because they did tell me about the commitment and have proof of it There is no way for my health or sanity that I can stay longer, and cant afford to pay back $6200 I have not a single dollar to my name because of loans/bills, but if i sign the new contract I would potentially end up owing more money than i could make in my life (well, close to it)...so far I have been avoiding management because they are telling me I have to put in an official transfer application into the ICU (right now I'm just getting payed from the hospital education department still) and then they will make me sign this contract. Im not here to ask if I'm wrong on my part or the hospital is wrong in their part (I mean I could get into so many details about that but its not what I'm worried about anymore) I just need to know what to do in a situation like this I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, in order to get out of owing some pretty significant money I may end up owing an ENORMOUS amount of money...please help!