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  1. rayshanna

    New L&D Nurse

    Are you an experienced nurse? If you are one of the most important things that you can do is stress this to your new coworkers. Sometimes it is hard for some to realize that an experienced nurse is inexperienced when in a new specialty. The second thing you can do is try to do as many cervical exams as possible, Ask other nurses if you can check their patients if they have epidurals. The most important thing that you can do is to choose the hard patients if your preceptor allows you to choose your patients, if not have a conversation with your preceptor informing them of the type of patients that you would like to care for. Example: fetal demise, magnesium patient, preterm pt, multiple gestation pt., PIH pt, gestational diabetic pt, eclampsia pt., etc. I hope you enjoy L&D.
  2. rayshanna

    New Grads, enough complaints about preceptors.

    as a new grad it is up to you to get everything you need out of your preceptor. i am finally over my 1 year mark, so like many i was just being precepted myself. i had 2 preceptors. my first preceptor had 7 years of experience as a rn, but just 7 months experience in medsurg. my very first day with her was extremely unproductive (i had my license prior to starting) because all i did was hand out medications. being that medsurg was new for her it was difficult for her to systemically provide care. before my first day was over i sat down with her and informed her that even though i was a rn, i was 100% new to nursing and needed more from her. she seemed very receptive, but at the end of my third shift with her i still was unable to say that i was getting what i needed out of orientation, so i informed her that i was going to request another preceptor, which i did. to my surprise she was supportive and in agreement. she told me that she was very stressed because she was still trying to learn how to manage her days and did not feel like she was capable of precepting yet. my new preceptor had 8 yrs of med surg experience on my unit of 60 beds and she was awesome. she showed me everything from protocols to skills to the qualifications of becoming certified in med surg. sometimes while you are in orientation you have to speak up. it's not a crime to request a different preceptor if you do it professionally. if you are unable to get what you need from your preceptor "speak up." it's too late to complain after orientation is over, do something about your dilemma while you have the opportunity. for those who precept: please refuse to precept if you feel like you are unable to, regardless of the cause, because at the end of the day you are still stuck working with us inexperienced ones. if we are not taught you are the one's stuck helping us pick up the slack one way or the other. why not put the extra work in while orienting us rather than cleaning up after us (i.e. night shift, cn, buddies, etc.). i am extremely grateful to all those who precept willingly or unwillingly, because without preceptor how would new grads become equipped? so thank you to all of you preceptors out there.
  3. rayshanna

    Macon State ASN Program....NEED INFO PLS!!!!

    I just graduated in May from MSC nursing program and school was Never 5 days a week. Unless something has changed in the program you will only have school 2-3 days a week, depending on when you have clinicals for Mental Health. Some of my classmates worked throughoour the program, but I didn't work until out last semester because I have two children (a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old) which were 4 yrs old and 2 months when I started the program. Nursing is hard no matter where you get your degree from so don't worry about the horror stories. If you got in the program just work hard and you will succeed.
  4. rayshanna

    Macon State ASN Program....NEED INFO PLS!!!!

    Your first semester will require one day for 2 nursing classes (usually from 8-2 or so) and you will have clinicals for Fundamentals once a week through out the semester and clinicals once a week for 1/2 the semester or 6 weeks for Psych. So for 1/2 the semester you will have class/clinicals 3 days a week and the other 1/2 of the semester you will only have it 2 days a week. Hope this helps.