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  1. keenanbean

    Aspiring Male Nurse, Looking for Advice

    Thank you for the reply, I've been looking into some schools. Seems like most of them take 1 year to complete. Do you think it would be real tough to get a good job coming right out of nursing school?
  2. keenanbean

    Aspiring Male Nurse, Looking for Advice

    Hi, I am an 18, male, just graduated in 2008. I live in West Hills, southern California and I'm very interested in becoming an LVN. Looking for some helpful advice out there, What is the best way to get started? Good nursing schools? Would you recommend this profession? Average schedule? Average salaries in Southern California? I'm also interested in hearing how thing were finding jobs and pay right after receiving their LVN License. Thank You sooo much, any advice is much appreciated :spin: