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  1. Cellesse

    Has Any One Taken The Teas Test?

    I took the Teas and passed. My school sold a study guide for $40 but it wasnt that much help.
  2. Cellesse

    failed nursing students

    Read your books and study hard. Listen in class instead of texting. Ask for help when you need it. Come up with silly games to help you remember things or silly rhymes. Find study buddies. Some of my class has failed out but most either have repeated or class or they have been like myself and done fairly well. Know you are going to be studying every day of the week including weekends and holidays. Take short breaks while studying to refresh your mind. Then I think you wont have to worry about failing:)
  3. Cellesse


    Wow we just did assessments on dummies..lol and I dont mean fellow students. Most of my practice has been with actual patients in the clinical setting. We never got naked in class or did anything on each other except blood sticks when we were learning to use a cholesterol screener.
  4. Cellesse

    Feeling a little discouraged right now...........

    Don't let it get you down. There is nothing wrong with you going the LPN route first. My school requires us to earn the LPN first then bridge to the RN. Just do what is right for you and dont worry about what anyone else says.
  5. Cellesse

    phobia of puke

    I hate puke too and as a CNA I have had to deal with it. Once when the stomach flu was going around a woman puked on me and presto 2 days later I caught it. Didnt matter that I washed my hands and disinfected my shoes. I also once had to scrub a carpet where a lady puked old blood clots. I was gagging and the other CNA told me to just pretend its something else. Ick.

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