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  1. I'm a new LVN student, and i can't tell the difference between these two... i know one just stays in a certain body part, the other one simply just travels? that's all i'm getting from the wording of these two, can anyone explain to me in details, please?
  2. kala_ka

    Weight Gain

    eat fruit, and healthy protein, i'm trying to lose weight myself, i eat only fruit and turkey breast, and before i go to the gym i will eat two slices of whole wheat toast for energy (to avoid fatigue during workout) i've already lost 12 lbs in 1 month. and try to cook the japanese miso soup, and put a lot of tofu in it, that's usually what i have for lunch everyday.
  3. kala_ka

    East Los Angeles occupational center, CA

    hi, i just got accepted to this program and we're starting off soon, which teacher did u get?