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    Dear UdonNomi, I am not a clinician, however, I trained PointClickCare. I have to say that I have worked on other ambulatory EMR's and then with PCC and I find that PCC is greatly lacking in many areas. All of the clinicians (mostly RNs and LPNs) that I worked with complained mightly and were not impressed and felt that their company had short-changed them and cheaped out on this program. It has apparently been around since 1999 and they claim that it is integrated, however, it is not and there are bugs galore. It seemed that anytime my fellow trainers and I trained it, that new "buttons" would appear or disappear. Additionally, support did not seem to be forthcoming, but that may have been due to the fact that the company that purchased it did not purchase support, not really sure. Anyway, my bet would be to go with someone who has tried both such as the RN above b/c to me as a trainer it is all about the end user and I know that most of the end users that I taught were not happy with the program and they felt that it was just another program that Corporate was pushing off on them to make their life "easier".