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  1. SarahSK

    Aflac through organization?

    Bump this post
  2. SarahSK

    Aflac through organization?

    Does anyone know of any associations or organizations for nurses or professional women offering Aflac? I have a HDHP with my new employer and they do not offer it. Just trying to keep myself covered
  3. SarahSK

    Applying for jobs as a new grad?

    jlm, Sorry to hear you haven't had any luck yet. Nurses are having a hard time getting jobs as new grads here in Illinois too. Our hospitals are so over budget that they are short staffing and new grads are always at the bottom of the totem pole. I hope that as the economy improves and the new facilities open we will have better luck. :) Hang in there! I'm sure something will turn up! Sarah
  4. SarahSK

    Applying for jobs as a new grad?

    I'm going to be moving to the Warsaw area or possible Ft Wayne. Thanks for your help! Sarah
  5. SarahSK

    Applying for jobs as a new grad?

    Hello! I'm currently a nursing student in Illinois and will be moving to Indiana after I graduate. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if you can apply for jobs in Indiana as a new graduate before you take your licensing exam? In Illinois you cannot but Wisconsin you can. No one I've asked knows about Indiana??? Thanks!! Sarah
  6. SarahSK

    We got into the CLC Nursing program...now what

    I got the in Nursing program for Spring 2010 too! Does anyone know anything about Buckner or Hagen? Just hoping to get a good teacher. Thanks! Sarah
  7. SarahSK

    CLC students?

    Hey guys! I got my test results today and I'm not sure which composite percentile score is the one I should be looking at. Mine result sheet has composites for DI, AD and ALL? Anyone know?????
  8. I need to take a CNA course in IL this summer and it seems there are so many options between tech schools and nursing homes.... I don't quite know which are reputable or not. I wanted to take it at CLC but they are full. Any recommendations for northern IL would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a million! Sarah
  9. Hi everyone! Thanks in advance for all the help! My name is Sarah and I am trying to apply to the College of Lake County (IL) RN program and am looking for advice. I'd like to apply by the Sept 09 deadline and keep hitting roadblocks. I have a BS from NEIU in Sociology. It's seems as though my BIO class from NEIU won't transfer so I'm having to retake it during summer school to make the deadline. Now that that's an issue it seems that my math from NEIU doesn't meet the pre-req's for the BIO course, so I need to contact someone tomorrow to have that re-evaluated. Bummer. I also need to take the CNA course but every session is completely full for the summer! Does anyone have any advice on good places in the Chicagoland area to take the CNA course? There are so many different types of schools I just don't know whats best. Any tips appreciated! Thanks, Sarah