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  1. mrflynn0907

    Do nursing student feel like they may fail EVERYDAY ?

    I work for Travelers Insurance company as a business analyst. I worked for the company for many many years before I became a telecommuter. Basically, I do all of the same work that I did in the office, only at home in my jammies if I so wish.
  2. mrflynn0907

    Poster Presentation Assignment

    You are absolutely right about CINAHL. Much better than PubMed. Thanks so much.
  3. mrflynn0907

    Poster Presentation Assignment

    Thank you all soooo much for the advice. I really like the Nanda angle. Maybe this won't be as bad as I think. Thanks again. I may be asking for more advice.
  4. mrflynn0907

    Do nursing student feel like they may fail EVERYDAY ?

    I think that is a completely normal feeling. I know I feel that way daily. I really struggled in the first semester. The 2nd semester was a little easier. I work full-time (thankfully telecommuting at home). I'm also a stepmother of two teenagers and my husband has full custody. If I can balance all of this almost anyone should be able to. It isn't easy but you will find what works for you in regards to studying.
  5. mrflynn0907

    Very Frustrated and time is running out!!

    Most of the hospitals in my area are going that route too. Not hiring LPNs and only having CNA's and RN's.
  6. mrflynn0907

    FAINTING...what made you drop?

    I didn't pass out but felt weak - phlegm. Phlegm gets me everytime. It really really grosses me out. First I feel like I'm going to toss my cookies then I feel faint. I'm not talking just normal phlegm - I'm talking pneumonia phlegm. Blech.
  7. mrflynn0907

    Poster Presentation Assignment

    One of my assignments this summer is a poster presentation with a one page paper with it. I'm not so worried about the paper part of it except for searching for the reference from a nursing journal. I have access to PubMed but it is so overwhelming when searching for something specific to my topic. Right now my topic is grief but I may change it. Has anyone out there done one of these types of presentations. I'm more "autistic than artistic" so the poster part really scares me. The instructor gave very little guidance and NO examples....another rant of mine with this nursing school. I asked specific questions and was told to read the instructions. HELP!!!