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  1. Littleamberofky

    Questions about being a nurse

    I would just recommend a lot of research, looking into your local schools, and talking to people who are nurses. The field of nursing has a lot of great opportunities, the pay is good, there is almost always going to be job openings, and you are helping people, but with that said it's also not all butterflies and rainbows. I am not sure what colleges are in Florence, but I am originally from Louisville, Ky. I attended a few semester at Jefferson County Community College and it is crazy competitive. I live in a smaller community in Nevada now so I am only competeing with about 150-200 people but at JCC you are competing with 500+. They do accept people into the nursing program every semester though where as the college I go to now only accepts people in the fall. Also just because nursing is a 2 year programs doesn't mean you are only in school for 2 years and I find that people don't generally understand that. You are going to be in the nursing program for 2 years alone, the requirements to get into that program vary but could also take up to 2 years. The school I am going to now is taking me a year and a half because I had to take Chemistry to be able to take Anatomy 1 then I can take anatomy 2 next semester. Those 3 classes are what is making me take so long because you have to have one before you can have the others and some schools are like that. This doesn't even take into account if you have to re-take a class which can put you behind another semester. And be cautious about taking your science classes during the summer. It's a lot of knowledge being crammed into just a month and a half. I would die if I had to retain all of my anatomy knowledge (we are in chapter 14 now) in just 2 months time. I am not trying to discourage you, but I think sometimes people are unrealistic about wanting to become a nurse. There are girls in my class right now who have said "I'm not cleaning up someone's poop" or "I'm not going to do this or that". Realisticly you're probably going to have to do a lot of disgusting things and you should consider whether or not you can handle it. If you don't know if you can handle it then get your CNA (certified nurses aid) and after your clinicals you will know.
  2. Littleamberofky

    Which route to take?

    My grandfather was a firefighter for many years and my cousin is one currently. Both of them have jobs other than working at the fire house. My grandfather drove a semi truck and my cousin works in maintence for the government. My point is that firefighting doesn't really pay the bills. It is very hard to actually be hired by the fire house and could take a very long time. Your best bet may be to pick a career and just be a volunteer fire fighter so you get the best of both worlds. Besides, when a community has more volunteer fire fighters it helps with insurance on your house (I'm not sure on the specifics though). I would also note that if you chose to be a nurse you may not have the energy to want to go fight fires and that is also something you may want to consider. For all I know you may have that energy, but it is still a valid point to take into count. As far as choosing between the EMT or the retail job you will have to consider which one you enjoy more and which one pays better. If the Retail job pays better but you like EMT more you are going have to decide if its worth the pay cut and vice versa.
  3. My school had been using the TEAS testing, but for some reason this year they decided to change it. They have decided to use the Kaplan entrance exams instead. Students who are applying for the nursing program for Fall 2012 only get one shot at this test. Our school uses a points system and the higher you score on the kaplan the more points you get (4 pnts for 90-100, 3 pnts for 80-89 etc.). I really need at least an 80 on the kaplan, and I was hoping that maybe there are others who have taken it that can give me advice. I will be taking A and p 2 and microbiology in the spring. Would it be better to try to hold out on my test date so I can get as much knowledge in those subjects as I can? Or should I get it out of the way before school starts so I have all of winter break to study? Thanks for any information you have.