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  1. In your agency does the individual staff audit a complete chart on a quarterly basis or do they just audit the area they are involved with. For example does the Physical Therapist audit nursing, Speech etc (the complete chart)or do they just audit the Physical Therapy care plans, notes etc.. This in a big area of debate in our agency right now and as I've never worked anywhere else I would love some feedback as to how other agencies manage this and what is considered compliant with the conditions of participation.. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm fairly new to Home Health and am looking for some direction as to how your agency handles the requirement for a written 60 day summary. If a patient is discharged at the end of the 60 day cert period do they require a written summary as well as a discharge summary? Or if the discharge summary is available on MD request will this complete the requirement? . Is this summary only necessary on recert? Any input would be greatly appreciated..thanks