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  1. SCMellie

    MUSC ABSN Fall 2016

    Thank you for the feedback. She definitely wants to obtain her BSN; however, my main concern is the BSN not preparing students for the technical aspects of nursing. I know that the BSN programs develop students managerially. I also know that they train and mold the students to become critical thinkers. Do you feel that MUSC prepared you for the technical/hands on aspects of hospital nursing?
  2. I am a mother of a high school student. We are shopping around for colleges right now. My daughter and I are interested in any feedback that current, prospective or former students may have about Lander, Clemson, MUSC, and USC Columbia.
  3. SCMellie

    MUSC ABSN Fall 2016

    Hi wahaislip, I was reviewing some comments. I am actually a mother, who works in the medical field. My daughter still has two years left in high school, but is interested in pursuing Nursing as her career choice. I came to this site to see what people were saying about different colleges. I am curious..why would MUSC be a better choice than Lander, Clemson, USC Columbia or Newberry? We were looking at technical colleges also; however, working in the medical field I see that more and more nursing positions are requiring the candidate have their BSN. Any comments, advice, suggestions would be appreciated.