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  1. jezzie1977

    What you'd REALLY like to say....

    To the witchy co workers: Just because you have been in the facility for 14+ years does not mean that you no longer have to be a team player, ignoring me when I need your assistance in x2 assit, only hurts the pt cause I will go find someone else. If you think your so high and mighty and don't need to be bothered with the newbie, go back to school and become an RN, otherwise buck it up and learn how to be a team player.. To the pt that MUST be the center of attention: My kids play that ****. I know it good and well and I will ignore your petty concerns while I am with your roomate in the middle of an asthma attack. I am sure you heard the story about the little boy that cried wolf.. To the family members of the combative: Seriously, your kidding right.. "I am sorry that my mother scratched/bit/pulled your hair/ smacked you..ect.. but she is tired when she is on meds" .. then really you come here and take the abuse because apparently you couldn't handle it, hence you sent her here.. so give me and the poor old women a break and let her get her meds. To the pt that refuses to eat because they think you will spend more time with them.. seriously.. your not the only feed on this assignment.. do not refuse the meal and then notice that I am walking away and say.. "excuse me, I am hungry".. seriously, you got hungry as I took away the tray but the 20 minutes of bribing, beggin and yapping with you you weren't.. gezz ..
  2. jezzie1977

    ooh nooo !!

    OMG that story makes me sick.. I hope that nurse is no longer practicing.
  3. jezzie1977

    Prayer @ staff meeting

    I choose to work at a Catholic LTC and didn't find prayer at openings of mandatory meetings offenseive. I also agree that I would discuss it with the person who started the prayer rather than go to HR.
  4. jezzie1977

    CNAs and weight

    Honestly all the CNAs that I know are trim. I actually was the largest CNA at the LTC I worked at. The RN's were heavier actually.
  5. jezzie1977

    Look into the LTC before you work there

    Thanks I know that now. I actually was just hired at our local hospital where I know they have a good reputation as well as wonderful ppl that work there. It all worked out in the end for me but I would hate for another person to go through what I went through. It was hard for me to resign, since I had already grown soo close to the residents. I really wish though, that I was taught that information during the CNA class. It was a shock and disapointment when I found out that they were in state jeporady and that they had state there every other day.
  6. jezzie1977

    Look into the LTC before you work there

    I wish someone had told me that when I got my certification. I ended up being hired at a LTC that is in state jeporady. That has State there every damn day. That has the worst record in my state and is the 5th worst in the country. I resigned after only 5 miserable weeks because I was in fear for my lisence. So to all the new CNAs out there, please go to your states's health department website and look at the faclities records before applying.
  7. jezzie1977

    I can't breathe!! my testing date is almost here!!

    How do you know that you failed?
  8. jezzie1977

    Questions from new CNA

    Where I used to work, there were teams. You did have your own assignment, however there was another CNA on your wing so that you could help each other out. It didn't last long, however, since they couldn't staff it. As for the lifts/transfers, each LTC has their own regulations. Where I used to work you needed at least two CNAs for any lift/transfer. If you feel uncomfortable with using or doing either, then its best for you and the resident to get another CNA or Nurse in the room when you need to preform them.
  9. jezzie1977

    I can't breathe!! my testing date is almost here!!

    Good luck. Try not to be too nervous. Remember that the examiner is not there to fail you. Remember the basics, privacy, safety, handwashing. Good Luck again.
  10. jezzie1977

    How long after finishing the class...

    I took the test the day after the class ended. Both the written and the skills.
  11. jezzie1977

    Stressed, brand new CNA. Am I going to make it? :(

    I felt the same way my first week. Then the second week, I was so stressed that I too was going to quit and just give it all up. However, I stood it out, and before the end of the second week, my first weekend I was forced into carrying a 17 pt assignment and I did it. You are lucky that you have good co workers, mine sucked arse. Hang in there, it takes time to get your own routine down. Good Luck.

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