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    PICU questions from PediED

    I think EVERYONE that works in an ER should have some ICU or floor experience. I have only worked ER this far but when I graduate I am purposefully leaving the ER that I have loved for 5 years to do a PICU internship. I think it will help me be a better ER nurse. This was really helpful. I have seen so many nurses that have to call report to the floor and they have never even seen the patient. Unfortunately, that is just how it works, as awful as that sounds. With this I also think every floor nurse should have some experience in the ER. It is a different beast that can't be learned but by experience. I think if ER nurses knew how the floors ran and floor nurses knew the insanity of the ER and all parties gave a little slack there would not be so much strife between the units.
  2. PedsER/ICU

    most difficult part of nursing school?

    working full time during school... don't do that if you can pull it.... it was a semi-miserable time in my life. oh and risk for impaired skin integrity.... i'm a total adrenaline junkie and i had been working in a level 1 trauma department for 2 years before clinicals started... i hate being bored. my hardest part of nursing school was having to act like i was busy and learning and having this great clinical experience while i knew i was learning WAY more at work... brutal
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    Trauma Nurse

    Be an ER/Trauma tech... I have been a tech for all of nursing school. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. I would recommend a Level 1 Center that has a lot of educational opportunities. After almost 5 years I am still learning. If the pay was worth the intensity of the job I would be a tech forever. You will learn a ton about equipment, procedures and process. It's been so much fun. I got to hold someone's head while she had an emergency ventriculostomy this morning. Not many 21 year olds can say that. Also, work nights, you'll see the weirdest stuff.