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  1. I have applied for a full-time tenured track nursing educator position at a university where I have worked part-time over the past 4 years. I feel I sent off a good application packet, and am now awaiting an interview. I was wondering what might I expect in the interview, is there a way to prepare for it? Any thoughts or advice are appreciated, thanks in advance! :redpinkhe
  2. vonsteve

    I want a Phd, now what?

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement! My daughter told me the same thing..I am now going back to my books. I have already signed up to take the GRE 10-24-09, so please send all your "smarts," my way!
  3. vonsteve

    I want a Phd, now what?

    I too have been looking at PhD programs over the past 2 years. My youngest child will graduate from highschool Spring 2010, and I am wanting to start a PhD program Fall 2010. I have a MSN (educational emphasis) and am board certified in Gerontology. I work at a CAH in acute care, and teach at a university. I want to continue to teach in college, and would like to work further in the gerontological arena (I would do my research in this area). I do not want to obtain my FNP or DNP. My hurdle is, my GRE is over 5 years old, and I am struggling with my GRE prep. I have been using every spare hour to prep with online help, numerous books, and computer programs over the past month, and I am not doing well, and am getting discouraged. A friend of mine is working on her DNP through a college in Florida, NOVA, she was not required to take a GRE. This friend loves the college and her courses, yet it is very expensive. I have looked online for other PhD programs that do not require a GRE, and I am not finding much. So, my question is, what should I do? I really do like the three colleges I have spent hours investigating, yet I am really unsure of the GRE, my math skills have so not been used for 20+ years... Thanks in advance for any advice! p.s...I am not a young girl 40+...