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  1. tasdlocke

    just failed for the 5th time...need help getting back on track

    Wow, have you done the HURST review? that is what I suggest. I just took the NCLEX in January. How many times can you take that test? Do some states limit that? By the way, nursing school didn't prepare me for anything other than that darn NCLEX> It has helped me very little in the real world of nursing.
  2. tasdlocke

    Should I stay or should I go??

    Okay, so I work at a really nice hospital. All about patient and employee satisfaction. I work on a floor that is crazy busy all the time. We see mostly female surgeries, anything GI related, Post partum, and we are also the pediatric unit and whatever else they throw at us, like COPD, Respiratory distress.. So as a new nurse I get LOTS of variety and experience. Everyone I work with is more than helpful and has been willing to show me the ropes. We strive for a 4 patient to 1 nurse ratio. All of our charting is computer charting. We work 3 12 hour shifts a week. I start at 7am and the shift ends at 7:30pm. I don't usually get home till 8pm. I keep tellin myself that its only 3 days a week. I make 20.27 per hour and usually bring home bout 1200 every 2 weeks after taxes,insurance,blah blah. I have to work some holidays including christmas, thanksgiving, easter. SO I WAS JUST OFFERED A JOB AT A DIALYSIS CLINIC called DaVita. They are all over the country. They offered me 25.00 an hour. Working 4 10 hour shifts. I start around 5am and get out around 3:30 maybe 4:00. NO HOLIDAYS, they are closed on major holidays and they are closed on Sundays. I would be required to work 2 saturdays a month. This would be a specialty and the job can be redundant maybe repetitive. I have read some bad things about the company on the internet but with it being so large, of course there is gonna be some mud slung. The difference is 14,000 dollars a year. I am wondering if I should jump on it or am I just thinking the grass is greener on the other side. I would like to be home around 4 instead of 8 and off on holidays. why is this so hard to decide? What do u think?