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    Stressed, brand new CNA. Am I going to make it? :(

    Hi there! I've been reading this board for about two weeks now. I've just finished my first week of CNA classes. I registered because I wanted to post here and offer some hugs. It seems like according to your first post that maybe you have self esteem issues, and perhaps you are just too hard on yourself? I'm like that alot too.... and I get stressed and feel great pressure and anxiety, and it's really all due to myself and how I feel about myself. You've done a wonderful job from what I have read. You've made it through the certification and have been doing your job for a few weeks.... you're just doubting yourself... I'm afraid though that if you decide to quit that you'll feel even worse.. Some people just take longer at doing things. I'm more detailed about stuff so I always take longer, but I do things very well. Would it help you any if you just did your job and stopped worrying about what others think? Perhaps you're your worst critic?

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