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  1. I have been there twice, last time was just over a year ago. I worked ER and Icu both. In both areas there were always many travel nurses. We often did charge rn also d/t it being mainly travel nurses. It is an experience for sure, not as many resources as most facilities in the states. The locals can be quite rude as well. Travelers usually live in Sapphire beach condos or sapphire village condos. they both are great and makes hanging out with other travelers and commuting to work much easier. There are areas to stay away from but for the most part its fine, just stay in a group after dark. Mostly go to redhook for nightlife. Hope that helps some !
  2. petey00

    Young Med\Surg nurse looking to travel

    I think you should be just fine with 2 yrs. i have traveled for 7 yrs, I am an icu nurse and only had 11mo experience when I started. I learned so much and had many great experiences. Just do not hesitate to ask if you dont know something. Staff are mostly helpful everywhere I have been/ You will so enjoy it and meet many great friends along the way! CA is great in many ways especially because they staff so well and have mandatory breaks that you are given (this often does not happen elsewhere), nurse to pt ratios are great too. Let me know if there are any other questions that would be helpful

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