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  1. pamela202

    Nursing degree (BSN) for under $30,000

    I would be going into the program with no degree. At the community college where I am at it would take 16months to get my Associates, or I could just do more pre-reqs and then transfer and get my bachelors. $7,000 sounds very reasonable for Associates to Bachelors. Lakeview is not a university but is just as good as any program at a University.
  2. pamela202

    Nursing degree (BSN) for under $30,000

    Post your places! :) I'm currently completing pre-reqs and I'm looking into several places. Although I would love to go to a University I feel like it would cost a lot more money. Lakeview College of nursing (2 campuses in Illinois) will be a little less than $30,00. This is with me completing all of my pre-reqs (60 credit hours). I noticed that Lakeview has more classes required for admission than some others. I'm not opposed to going out of State. Illinois or Indiana would be ideal, but will look at others. I'm looking at the 16month programs. I'm just having trouble finding places for your bsn that aren't universitys. Thank you!
  3. pamela202

    Lakeview or Mennonite?

    Hello, I'm currently at a community college taking pre reqs. I'm having problems finding costs of these programs. Does anyone happen to know an approx cost of either of these programs? All pre reqs will already be completed. I'm considering one of these schools for my bachelors degree. Thank you! Pam