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  1. Nateball

    Hospital goes back to white dresses/caps

    I really like the idea of having different colored scrubs for easy identification by patients and visitors, but caps would be out of the question. I'm pretty sure I would look ridiculous with my full beard and a quaint nursing cap on my head.
  2. Nateball

    Moving to San Antonio......advice on hospitals

    Thanks for the heads up Argo! I really appreciate all the info everyone has posted on this thread. I am finding it extremely difficult to keep track of all the hospitals in SA during my job search. At this point I'm basically just firing off resumes and waiting to hear something back. I'm coming down to SA in a couple weeks with my wife and I was wondering if you guys had any insight as per which nurse recruiters I should try to contact in town. I know some of the larger hospital systems in my area have one main recruiting/HR office that deals with hiring for several campuses. Are any of the big systems in SA (Baptist, etc...) like this in SA? Also, has anyone had any great success with any particular Apt. finding service? We've been checking craigslist, as we usually have had great luck, but the posting are dominated by cookie-cutter postings from agencies.
  3. Nateball

    Moving to San Antonio......advice on hospitals

    It looks as if I may be moving to SA near the end of the summer, as my wife is negotiating for a job there. There has been a lot of great info in this thread so far, so thanks for that first of all. I currently have one year experience in the Burn ICU of a level 1 trauma center. I am interested in looking into one of the smaller institutions in SA, but am having a hard time keeping their locations straight. I love to cycle to work and would love to work close to a good neighborhood that wouldn't require too much busy traffic on my ride to work. Any ideas?