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  1. I used saunders and Kaplan and I passed, I did like 50 a day + content. It's A LOT like kaplan!!!!!!! Use elimination and answer just like you did Kaplans practice questions. Good Luck to you, you will do fine.:heartbeat
  2. PinkaRN

    Fresenius as an employer?

    The Manager told me I had the job and would call me next week to do my drug test. When she did not call me, I called and the staff would never let me speak with her and hurry me off the phone. After my second email to her and her pretending that shes not there she emailed me and said that she is still reviewing applicants like she NEVER told me I had the job. So unprofessional and fishy behavior. Plus they offered me crappy pay, less then I made as an LPN. :angryfire
  3. PinkaRN

    nursing Is So...

    boom boom boom on your brain
  4. PinkaRN

    Failed again.............my heart is broken!!!!

    Kaplan is great along with the Sauanders book. Dust yourself off and try again! Best of luck to you!
  5. PinkaRN

    Math, My Weakness

    I was very bad in math also. I studied hard and became good at it. I used remembering steps. Take your time and do one step at a time. :spin: Hope this helps.
  6. PinkaRN

    Best Mattress for Heavy Soon-2-B Nurse?

    I have a Sealy TrueForm it feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud. Worth every penny!
  7. I'm not sure what the NLN test is..... I took the NET and it was like 65% for my school. We got or results as soon as we where done. How long do you have to wait?
  8. You go girl :anpom:
  9. PinkaRN

    Pinning Day

    Congrats :grad:
  10. Best of luck to you. I graduated from a LPN to RN program and remembering studying my butt off for the NET test to get in. Faith in God is all you need he knows whats best for your life. :anpom:
  11. PinkaRN

    So Who Are They Hiring?

    Which hospital are you talking about?
  12. PinkaRN

    Davenport Nursing Program questions

    I have heard some of the same things as posted above from coworkers who went there plus there tuition is very high.
  13. PinkaRN

    Split Assignment?

    They tried that with me one time (patients on two different floors) No way is that safe. In no way did they care about myself or my license. I never heard of such a thing, where I worked prior to that was nothing like that we would call and the pool nurse would come. They said that happens all the time. No way did I want my license in a place like that. NO WAY NO HOW
  14. PinkaRN

    what do you think of this policy?

    I always called he doc when a patient was going bad when I worked in LTC. I think that's not a good policy at all.
  15. PinkaRN

    2 weeks til 3rd NCLEX such a wreck cant even study

    I found Kaplan to be a lot like the NCLEX. Always eliminate what you know for sure is wrong. Don't panic stay calm. I also read Saunders that's a really good book for content. Best of luck to you. You can do it!!!!!!!