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  1. TrudyHall

    LPN ATS Institute of Technology....

    I am back and disappointed. All I can say is look before you leap ask question get a copy of a student's handbook read it cover to cover before you sign on the dotted line. If you cannot a copy of the student handbook I would question why? If there are any further question leave a posting it will be forwarded to me.
  2. TrudyHall

    LPN ATS Institute of Technology....

    :nurse:thank you for the information you provided. i really appreciate your honesty. i had heard several negative things that had gone on at the school some with it students and teachers. i am going to give this school a chance. i am not and ostrich with its head in the sand. i will be watching. i am a must older person, who has wanted this for a very long time, one who will take a stand if i have to! i will pay my tution and participate in class and studies and complete home work assiginments ,but i expect to be treated in a most professional manner at all times . i am sorry that you had such a hard time of it; to bad you did not get what you needed in writting before you left.
  3. TrudyHall

    LPN ATS Institute of Technology....

    :caduceus: Hello everyone I see that most of these posting about ATS nursing school were posted awhile back. I have been excepted for the August class this fall. I have a lot of question about my over all experience that I will receive at the school and what are the teacher like. I would like feed back I just need some one that is attending to talk to before then.
  4. TrudyHall

    Just wanted to introduce myself!

    Hello Every one this will be my second posting. My name is Trudy I am nervous next friday I will turn 58yrs old and will be attending nursing class this August. MY grandson thinks that it cool. he 10yr old. I have some information about the school I will be attending ,but if any one out there is going to ATS which is located on Alpha Dr in Mayfield, Ohio I would like to ask you some questions. To all the ladies that post for the first time congratulation to us all.
  5. TrudyHall

    I passed NCLEX!!!

    " congratulation' i wish you the best of luck now it's time to land that job. i am new to the board this will be my first posting and i am glad that it was to wish you well. i start my journey in august. good luck.