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  1. Thanks It feels so good!!! That all that hard work pays off and really works... I would recommend Kaplan to everyone.....it works if you work it!!! Now I have to find a position working as an RN....in the Flint area..... I want to work Visiting Nurses or Home Care.....does anyone have any employment agencies that they would recommend????? Sherry
  2. Thank You so much for responding to my story. I just took my Ncclex last Tuesday, July 14th for the second time and I have passed. After Fail, the first time, I took the Kaplan program and worked on it online for about 6-8 hours per day except Sunday. I have succeeded at my goal and can't wait to start working now. So very happy and will never let my license lapse again.... Sherry
  3. I have one more ??????? Does anyone know of any money out there to help with the cost......being there is a Nursing shortage......I just wondered if there is aid out there......sherry
  4. Hello Everyone, I wanted to State a GREAT BIG "Thank YOu" to all of you that have responded to my request. As of right now, yesterday was a very productive day. I read all of the responses and couldn't get any info from the Suzanne suggest. I'm awesuming she doesn't exist anymore. But, did get a response about the Kaplan program and also got that from a nurse friend of mine. So this is what I did yesterday....contacted the board of nursing and they took me to their web site and down loaded the plan for Nclex exam to see what is all on it. They told me I can test again in 45 days. There is not a requirement from them to take any classes until you fail x3. But, I don't want any part of that.....and my friend who stated that it takes a life savings is correct to get your license back and also the friend that stated "DON'T EVER LET YOUR LICENSE LAPSE".... two very correct statements. So I enrolled in the Kaplan program as recommended from another friend on here. So I have that scheduled in Ann Arbor, Michigan 2nd aND 3RD week of May. I don't want to wait.....Thanks and Hugs to all of you....sherry
  5. Hello Debbie, Thanks so much for responding to my need for help and someone to talk to about my problem. I left nursing and went into being a Mary Kay Cosmetic Director and now want to go back into nursing. I found out last Friday that I failed my nclex exam. I was studying day and night on a site called nclextestanswers.com and could do all of the test to around 88-90%. None of the info on that site was on the exam. Now I know that I must find a site that is going to teach me what I need to know. How do you find a site that offers to you what you need to know? I want to study what I need to know to continue to be a good nurse and be successful. Does the board of nursing have any counseling information? Does the league of nursing help with counseling as what site is not a scam and is the "Real Deal". I did learn lots of information about diseases.....Please tell me what you know.....sherry
  6. schu0909

    How to Pass Nclex when You left your License expire

    thank you.....i will look it over and see what i think......sher
  7. I need help???? I needed to take Nclex to get my license back.....I prepared by studying on Nclexanswers.com. When I took my Nclex exam nothing I studied helped me. I now have to retest and so want to study the right materials this time. Does anyone know an online course that is thorough and covers what I need to know???? Does anyone know a refresher course that would help me. Please help.......schu0909:heartbeat:cry::cry::madface::uhoh3:
  8. Deb, I just joined allnurses.com and have read your above notice.....I too am in the same situation and wonder how you are doing....sherry