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  1. dbybee

    My Mom just passed.....

    I am sorry about your mom. I would encourage you to talk to a counselor. You may have a free counselor through school. I am impressed that you are staying on track. Good luck to you.
  2. dbybee

    Is Apollo College, Boise accepted in California?

    Won't hurt to check but think that California will accept a passed NCLEX.
  3. dbybee

    What type of drug tests do nursing schools do?

    I don't know about nursing school but almost all hospitals will require a urine drug screen.
  4. dbybee

    Planning to move to California...

    My first thought is don't call California, Cali. Also, I would really encourage you to have a job before moving. The economy in California continues to tank. Be aware of the stiff income taxes as well as every other tax known to man. Wages are high but living expenses even higher. Good luck to you.