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  1. Jbethany17

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    BTW my names Jordan ... Yup nursing is your best bet. You will always be able to find a job. People will always be sick. We will always be needed.
  2. Jbethany17

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    Well you can always do a bridge program later..not to mention after you already have your LVN getting into a RN program is much easier. I've heard some good things about Indiana State online LVN to BSN program. I moved back with my parents also to pursue my education. My parents and friends pointed out to me over and over it will be sooooo worth it in the long run. Books I bought- Hesi NCLEX PN and Davis NCLEX-PN Everyone in my class has basically purchased a different book we all share, test eachother, borrow eachothers CDs with practice questions. You just started your program but trust me its never too early to start preparing yourself for the hesi and NCLEX. Unless you are one of those test takers that is super good at multiple choice regardless of whether you have studied or not. If so luck you! :)
  3. Jbethany17

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    As far as finding a job, for the most part LVNs are mostly being hired in LTC in California... at least that is the case in the Bay Area. Hospitals are only hiring RNs except for their various clinics. Kaiser hires LVNs for their injection clinics. But also LVNs are in high demand at the prisons. I work currently as a CNA for a prison. LVNs do all the med passing there and run the clinics. Plus I have noticed that a bunch of rehab/ detox facilities are beginning to hire LVNs as well. So there is hope for us! Good luck at Gurnick...start studying for hesi now!
  4. I'm just about done with the LVN program at Gurnick there's a few things I would like to share if you are considering attending... Teachers read straight out of book providing no notes, no study guide or any visual tools Only one of the clinicals out of four is worth going to the rest were a complete waste of time no hands on experience because the clinical teachers are given little or no instruction by the school on how the clinicals should be ran You are required to pass the hesi with an 850 before graduating none of the classes are structured around the hesi and none of the test questions are hesi format They change policies all the time since the school is fairly new and just verbally notify the students These are just my main concerns I could literally go on and on.