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  1. jesjay

    Waiting Has a Magnificent Purpose

    hi there. thank you for such words. Well, maybe I just wanted to see things in a different perspective.. a positive perspective. If you know and love what you're doing, then everything will turn out fine. And as my grandfather once told me, that even...
  2. jesjay

    Volunteer Nurse

    hi! do they still accept volunteers until now? i am interested. do i have to go there to inquire? thanks! =)
  3. jesjay

    PGH feedback

    hi.. can i also get the URL code? thanks so much.
  4. jesjay

    PGH feedback

    hi.. do they accept volunteer nurses? i'm just wondering because i wanted to have a hospital experience while waiting for other hospitals' calls. And may i also get the PGH yahoo groups? thanks.
  5. jesjay

    Waiting Has a Magnificent Purpose

    thanks much. God bless :redbeathe
  6. jesjay

    Waiting Has a Magnificent Purpose

    thanks ysara. well your words are much appreciated, thank you.
  7. hi! well i suggest, given that you have the list of requirements and contact numbers of each hospital, be the one to go there directly or even just phone them. They will be much accommodating, and you will even have the direct information. But as mu...
  8. jesjay

    Waiting Has a Magnificent Purpose

    thank you so much. sure enough, i will be a nurse by heart.
  9. jesjay

    anyone here applied for SLMC-GC???

    For global city, yes they will still accept your resume. But probably, they would be telling you that it is for manpooling only. Or You may also want to apply in SLMC-qc, submit your resume on the hospital building itself.
  10. I have not been into that real-nursing-world. I have not volunteered for weeks or days or even a couple of hours at a clinic. And for all of the other queries you have in mind, I may also have to say "Yes, I have not done it yet". Well at least, not ...
  11. thanks for the info:yeah:. might as well submit.
  12. I heard from my friend that currently, St. Lukes is not accepting male applicants. Is this true?
  13. jesjay

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center

    hi there.. well we've been to AHMC last April 17, we were told that we should have the complete set of requirements to be able to apply. So i was a bit confused if they told your friend that they were on freeze hiring? Or it must have been a mistake ...
  14. i have also tried Kaplan Review for NCLEX. The strategies taught to us are good. But in the long run, it still and will always depend on the test taker himself. What's good about taking Kaplan is that the format of the review questions are much patte...
  15. jesjay

    Available Nursing Seminars/Trainings

    hi, can i still attend the seminar even if I am not yet a CCNAPI member? thanks =)