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  1. jesjay

    AHPRA - AGOS40 Requirements

    hi! have you started filling out your AHPRA application?
  2. jesjay

    AHPRA - AGOS40 Requirements

    hi. I know this has been asked a lot of times but I suppose it's better to start a new thread with regards to the AHPRA requirements using the AGOS-40 form. I have a few questions though and it will be a big help if some of you could answer them for me and the other applicants as well. Thanks! No. 9 : I do not need to provide an identification under Category D if I have already provided in Category B / C a document statign my name and residential address right? No. 13 : Do I still need to let my Unit Manager sign my CV as what the other applicants did before? Because as stated in the AHPRA CV Guidelines, I just need to declare that my "CV is true and correct as at..." then my signature. No. 29 : I'm doing this application without the help of an agent so do I choose the SIgnificant Other part? Section J: Assessment Fee $220 + Application Fee $160 + Registration Fee ____ = ? Thanks for being patient in answering queries such as mine. God Bless everyone!
  3. yes it's true :) went to australia recently for a holiday and all i got was a small piece of paper. no visa stamps :) so don't worry.
  4. thanks! yes i am pertaining to the prc license. :)
  5. i also have some concerns: 1. when is the best time to ask the prc to mail the cert of good standing? should it be before i lodge my papers to ahpra? 2. how do i certify my photocopy of passport and prc? thank you!
  6. jesjay


    hi.. does it follow that you when you submit the requirements, you will be scheduled right away? Or should you wait for days or weeks or so? thanks. =)
  7. jesjay

    Makati Medical Center

    hi, when was the last time you went to mmc? and what post did you see? thanks
  8. jesjay


    thank you so much for the info!
  9. jesjay

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center

    hi, i recently joined the yahoogroups of pgh. and it says there that they are currently not hiring. im trying to complete my requirements though, but i wonder when will they start accepting again. they've been telling about this volunteer program in pgh, but they said that it is no way related to nursing. may i ask for how long have you been working there?
  10. jesjay


    hi! are they currently hiring applicants? and how did you apply for a volunteer program? thanks!
  11. jesjay

    National kidney transplant institute

    hi, if i may ask, what do you usually do in your training? do you do dialysis procedures? thanks. im still completing for my IVT license, i might get my card by the start of august. i hope there would still be a slot for the sept-batch.
  12. jesjay

    Waiting Has a Magnificent Purpose

    thanks everyone. knowing that my words and thoughts are appreciated, and that i am able to give you such inspiration, it already means a lot. i will soon take my nclex examination and so i hope that you will include me (and the rest of the test takers as well) in your prayers. God bless everyone:wink2:
  13. jesjay

    National kidney transplant institute

    hi. do i need to have at least 6 month bedside experience (in a 150 bed capacity)? Or are they accepting even if i still don't have any clinical experience? thanks
  14. jesjay

    anyone here applied for SLMC-GC???

    hi.. did you just pass you resume online? Thanks.
  15. jesjay

    Waiting Has a Magnificent Purpose

    i truly appreciate it. thank you! Well I'm doing things one step at a time now... God Bless! :angel2: