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  1. To all the New Grad RN's, Please don't be disheartened, our profession is a cyclical one. Although many would say it is recession proof it is not, especially when you are new to it & trying to get a foot in the door. Many nurses can attest to the fact that at some point in time they may have experienced this same thing. I did in 1995! At that time also there were some economic issues. I can only speak for New York City as that is where I lived at the time but it was nearly impossible to get a hospital position as a new grad back then. That was actually to my benefit as I always despised Med surg and was only seeking such a position on the advice of Instructors who said to me that you just "CAN'T" be a new graduate and get into the area of specialty that you desire without that 1st year of Med Surg. My program was Rigourous with 3 full 8 hour shifts a week of Med surg, so I feel I got enough med surg experience in my final year. It was a blessing that hospitals were not hiring as I was able to go directly into outpatient OB/GYN as I wanted and it's been a great ride. My outpatient experience after 5 years opened the door to my my last 8 years of Inpatient Antepartum, Postpartum, Newborn Nursery and ultimately NICU experience. To all of those who love Med Surg, do think outside the box to adjust for the state of the economy at this moment in time & seek employment in other unconventional nursing settings. But for those of you who are solely on this inpatient med surg quest because we have been taught that we cannot specialize without it, take a leap of faith and seek out those positions, areas and specialties that you desire. If that does not pan out find the lesser of the evils right now and beleive me "this time too, shall pass". Then before you know it there will be plenty of positions to choose from again. Trust & beleive, I have lived it!! Stay focused, don't give up, don't settle for less than what you are (you are Registered Professional Nurses NOW). Just change or adjust the aproach to the BEGINNING of your new career. This is just that "only the beginning". Good luck to all. :redbeathe
  2. hey rnattorney, so sorry to hear about your disappointment but like my granny used to say "in every disappointment is a blessing". i believe that! i'm searching for mine and i encourage you to look for yours in there too! glad i could send out a positive word or vibe to someone else experiencing the same kind of heartbreak. my best friend is a cnm and just called me with a program that one of her colleagues is attending right now. it is through the "university of cincinnati". she is doing a dual cnm/whnp program via distance learning. if you're interested the website is uc.edu. hey you never know. i hear there are no residencies or campus visits with this program. good luck to you don't dwell on it too long, i'm not!!! all the best!
  3. Thanks so much!! Really needed to hear that right now. I've already begun the research:nurse::yeah:Thanks again!!
  4. Hello to all, I have gotten such great info from this site since joining a few months ago, but this is my very first post. Congrats to all in this thread who will be attending Frontier this Fall. I researched NP programs prior to applying a few months ago. Came across frontier, was impressed by all the great reviews, and posts but decided on a program closer to home. Well to my HORROR 3 days ago I received a rejection letter when I met all of the requirements except the minimum GRE requirement (I was 50 points below the requested). I did not retake it as I was advised not to by one of the schools advisors due to the fact that I had a 3.9 GPA upon receiving my BSN, 14 years nursing experience, especially in areas that they desired (Hospital and Intensive care) and 3 stellar recommendations. So again to my horror I didn't get in; so now that I'm done crying I am trying to find "the blessing in this dissapointment". The first thing that came to mind was that I some what diverted from my passion when I decided to go the FNP route. My true love and passion is Women's health. It's were my heart is. I decided on the FNP for reasons having to do with marketability, the economy, and my research of the local job market (North West Atlanta). So just trying to figure out right now if this is divine intervention redirecting me to the area that I'm supposed to be working in. Of my 14 years the first 9 were spent in Women's Health. Well I don't really have a question per se; just needed to vent a bit I guess. I am seriously contemplating applying to Frontier before the next August deadline for sesssion 71 or 72 (I think that's right for Dec. 09) So If I do apply, and God willing, get accepted Maybe I will come across some of you all during the course of the program. Thanks in advance for the ears and any words of encouragement!!