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  1. yes i did. :crying2: i dont know what to think whether it got lost in the mail or if cgfns haven't sent it yet.
  2. thanks for replying:icon_hug: but everytime i call my school they said they haven't received anything yet but when i ask cgfns if they have sent it already,they said they've already sent it. and i believe they only send it 3x. how come my school's not receiving anything? it's been 3 1/2 months since i applied and no transcript validation form has been received.
  3. hi i want to know if my diploma needs to be sent together with my TOR to CGFNS for CVS? because it's taking too long for CGFNS to send the request(3x already) so i just requested my school for my TOR. now im wondering if CGFNS CVS will be needing the diploma too. please help me. thankyou.