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    Thomas Healthcare Institute for CNA class?

    My experience with Thomas Health Care was the worst I have ever had. I think they are not concerned about their students. I paid the full fee hoping to finish the course in due time and get to do the state exam to get the state license. They seem not to be organized: They change the time table according to how it suites them. Our class had to be divided into two during the clinical s i.e. Men/Women. This happened because we (men) could not go to Brighton Gardens with the ladies (the facility didn't want men there) I wonder why. Then we had to wait for two to three weeks to get another facility that accommodated us (springmoore). They don't state their goals clearly. Our tutor said we would have at least 24hrs clinical s and that's what the ladies had. When we finally went there we are told we have to do 40 hrs. Doesn't sound professional There's an English exam they tell you to do before getting enrolled to the programme and the instructor tells you not to worry because he's going to fill in the answers in for you! I hope they can do better than what they are doing at the moment. I wish I had gone to Wake Tech or any nice community college around here

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