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  1. wersfluffyRN

    Hospitals in Metro Manila Currently Hiring Nurse Applicants

    hey, how do i get to qcgh from, lets say, north edsa? thanks.
  2. wersfluffyRN

    CArdina l Santos Medical Center

    @ skittymoody: when did you submit your resume and recquirements???
  3. wersfluffyRN


    @ Icejo: How was the exam after your training? was it hard.. can you give us details about it? some of the topics included.. hope you can still remember.. coz i really want to ace that exam so i can increase my chances of getting hired.. btw, are you currently employed in OM now? and how long did you have to wait for them to call you?
  4. wersfluffyRN


    do they require you to be a resident of Manila?? just checking.. thnx.. i have a relative who works there.. but i don't think she'll be able to help me.. so i have to do it on my own..
  5. wersfluffyRN

    (VMMC)Veterans Memorial Medical Center

    tnx for the information....
  6. wersfluffyRN

    anyone here applied for SLMC-GC???

    brigz: thank you anyway, well i'll try.. tnx for the encouragement!!!
  7. wersfluffyRN

    anyone here applied for SLMC-GC???

    CAN ANYONE ANSWER THIS TRUTHFULLY??? Does SLMC-GC look at their applicants weight? to brigz: is she on training, your friend? then during her training she should lose weight or else they wouldn't hire her? or they didnt accept her application for NSET??? thanks... to others: have you had or even your friends, have they encountered this problem? pls reply. im still waiting for my certificates from PRC because im a new NLE passer so i havent applied to hospitals as of now.. if this issue is true then i wouldn't bother applying for SLMC.. i have dutied there before and one of the unit supervisors even encouraged us in applying in SLMC-GC? or maybe because she was an alumna of our college.. i hope they can be more equal.. on the more positive side of things.. :redbeathe:heartbeat:redbeathe this can be an opportunity to be more healthier, weight-wise but i am really in a hurry in having my paid working experience..
  8. wersfluffyRN

    (VMMC)Veterans Memorial Medical Center

    im also planning to apply to this institution.. I recently passed my NLE and is still waiting for my Certificates from PRC.. i hope by May they can accept our applications..

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