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    Hello. I am a nursing student in the BSN program. I live in Illinois and want to attend UIC's midwifery program. I noticed that the program does not require one to have nursing experience although it makes the application stronger. Currently I already have a Bachelor's degree in French with a minor in Spanish. I also have volunteered for many years in a pro-life clinic and I have been in the Big Brother/Big Sister program for quite a few years also. I have around a 3.7 GPA. Is there anything else besides working I can do to strengthen my resume? What do you think my chances of getting in are without the experience? I really would like to get in right after my BSN program? Also many people tell me I should work in Labor Delivery....what does that have to do with midwifery???
  2. jhenderson7593


    Are there any grants out there for nursing besides the Pell?
  3. jhenderson7593

    If you make over 100k/year as a nurse

    Absolutely incorrect. Masters level nursing pays well over 100K. My friend is an anesthetist and makes over 200k per year. Many NP clear 100K and CNS can reach that figure.
  4. jhenderson7593

    Terminated because of my Attention Deficit Disorder

    It would help if ADD actually existed http://www.thomasarmstrong.com/articles/does_add_exist.htm
  5. jhenderson7593

    Is it worth going to school to be an LPN?

    Once states start allowing CNAs to start passing meds after they are trained too, athere will be no more LPNs. Many states will be going that route I hear
  6. jhenderson7593

    40 year old starting NS and taking the ACT

    Study grammar and some math. The science is just graphs and you can not study for the reading comprehension. If you are not good at math, leave it alone and do well on the others. Not easy to try and pick up math skills. 19 is fairly easy
  7. jhenderson7593

    uggh..how to shut the little voice up in my head

    I am 36 and just get into a bachelors program. Nursing is a career were age is not going to work against you. Most nurses after 5 years of working are making 70,000 plus if they are willing to work overtime. You will have a job the minute you leave school
  8. jhenderson7593


    Hi, I already have a bachelor's degree and have been accepted into nursing school. I can not believe that the pell grant is not offered to anyone who gets accepted into a nursing program, especially with the shortage. Teachers certification is acceptable as far as receiving the pell grant after receiving a bachelors, but nursing is not? I just looked up pell grant information and it states that the grant is also available for people who have bachelors and want to go into a licensing program. Is nursing not a licensing program? It is absurd that the pell grant is not offered to anyone (owners of bachelors or higher degrees) going into nursing.