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  1. thanks!that's what im thinking as well..they might suddenly change their policy on renewing license..but i wont be using my license yet..thanks again!as always you're all of great help!:thankya:
  2. help anyone..my license is expiring june 30, 2011. Is it ok if I dont renew it since I wouldnt be using it for the next few year. I already have my visascreen. Can I have it reinstated anytime? like after 5 years or so?I hope someone can answer coz I dont plan on renewing my license this year..:confused:
  3. thank you sooo much Silverdragon102:bowingpur
  4. binangkal

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    thanks for your help silverdragon102!!:)
  5. hi! i have another question.. if i do not renew my license for the next couple of years, do i need to inform saipan bon to temporarily inactivate my license or i can just simply let my license expire and pay for the reinstatement fee later on?thanks:)
  6. binangkal

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    thanks silverdragon102! i hAve no idea where to edit the test date and it seems like i can no longer make changes neither can i reprint it again.. im worried that i may be asked to pay another $498..
  7. binangkal

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    hi everyone!! i have only started processing my visa screen application. i've printed all the forms and paid for it thru credit card but my prob is that i erroneously filled in the test date. how do i go about with the correction of the test date? i have still yet to mail. i hope you can help me with this..thanks:d
  8. thanks a lot nursedandy! anyways, i think fedex etc. will give me some sort of tracking no. so ill probably know if the board didnt get my renewal docs..hopefully ill be able to get it back and pay an additional $10 for mailing it beyond april 30.. thanks again.. God bless!!
  9. thnks nursedandy!but is there a possibilty that my docs wouldnt reach them if i use this add?! #1336 ascencion drive, capital hill saipan, mp 96950 sorry but im just worried it wouldnt get there in time...i shouldve mailed it earlier:cry:
  10. thanks marchlady for the reply!!but i cnt send my docs thru ups/fed ex if i use that address... and it wouldnt get there in time if send it thru registered mail?! what do you think are my other options?
  11. hi!!does anyone here know if its still ok to send my renewal application in this address #1336 ascencion drive, capital hill saipan, mp 96950 i have to send it before the 30th..am sending it thru ups all mails will probably be forwarded to their new loc. right?

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