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  1. hopefully! let's just keep praying! see you january! lol!
  2. me too, they told me to wait til late november/early december. but i have already enrolled in CON for their first intake in 2012. i was badly hoping to be accepted in HPH but then again if I don't get accepted there it will be too late for me to find another school that will commence jan/feb 2012. all the best!
  3. Originally Posted by Makikay_rx Thank you very much. You were one the forumers here who keeps on answering my queries and keeping my hopes high.. Thank you! Are you ready for your BP next year? You are going to Con or LTU? Do you know any school with BP that will commence on Feb or march? try IHNA, AAON :) goodluck and Congrats! ETEA too! :)
  4. @ RN_beauty AAON still have slots for Jan 2012 intake. I have not applied at VCHN.
  5. @ RN_beauty yep, CON is my primary choice. check ur inbox, i sent u a message. :)
  6. just sharing.. i'm not sure if i'm allowed to post this. i have received an email from deakin university.. "...deakin university, will be visiting in the philippines in august 2011. if you would like to meet with mr *** to discuss your interest in studying at deakin, please contact one of the agents listed below. *** will be at these venues on the following dates and times: 8/23/11 - 9.30am-4pm international education specialists 2/f trafalgar plaza 105 h.v. de la costa st salcedo village, makati city, 1227 phone: 63 2 8191001 fax: 63 2 8118377 8/24/11 - 10-12am idp education manila 2/f pioneer house makati 108 paseo de roxas legaspi village, makati city, metro manila, 1226 phone: 63 2 816 0755 fax: 63 2 815 9875 8/24/11 - 2.30pm-5pm australia bright education & migration centre suite 1802a, east tower philippine stock exchange centre exchange rd, ortigas centre, pasig city, 1605 phone: 632 964 4539 fax: 632 5706714
  7. @gl25 yeah, will probably wait for HPH's call before doing anything. i suggest you look for a BP school already.. forward them your eligibility letter. just to make sure you have a slot at the BP school you prefer. good luck to us! :)
  8. hi miks103, i have sent you a PM. :)
  9. that's sad to hear.. but let's always stay positive! good things come to those who wait :)
  10. hi rajo, yes, the lady mentioned that the 1st intake for 2012 is already full! that's why im on the waiting list for the 2nd intake. i hope she'd squeeze me in for the jan schedule. are you aiming for CON too?
  11. yes, i did. i emailed my application form and all the lady said was that no decision will be made for some time im really hoping that id be accepted in act!
  12. hi cioman, we're lucky to have someone like you here. i have learned alot from you. anyway, my IELTS is due to expire on nov. im planning to attend review classes again and take the IELTS exam this december here in PI. hopefully, I'll be accepted in a BP program early next year.
  13. called PNRC too. training here in pampanga will be on sept5. i still don't know if i'll take a leave for that. will probably wait for HPH's confirmation before doing anything yet. their oct 2011 intake is already closed.
  14. i will. im on the waitlist for CON's 2nd intake in 2012. Has anybody applied in ACT?
  15. but you took your ielts already, im dreadful of taking mine again. tsk tsk. i don't know yet. i emailed ****** of hph regarding senior first aid cert, working with children cert and mrsa screening and here's her reply (she's quick in responding! kudos to her! haha!) you do not need those documents at this time. i just need you to fill in the form and send it back to me. you can get senior first aid from red cross in the philippines . the working with children i would need to help you with when you get here. mrsa swab results from hands, nose & throat are needed again only if you get accepted. im off to work. ill let you know once i heard from red cross. kindly update me too if you have info. thanks!
  16. thanks. how about you princessblush, where are you planning to enroll? update me if you have infos on BP schools please. haha. im working 3-11pm and im on my computer most of the time searching for a BP school and what exactly is the right thing to do! haha!

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