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  1. jinglebellz

    CNA, RN checklists

    Hi everyone! I have recently taken an educator position in a small rural hospital where there hasn't been an educator in some time. There aren't any orientation checklists (competencies) for CNAs or RNs. Could some of you send me what you have? Thanks! Bellz
  2. Hey everyone! I recently took an education position at a critical access hospital that hasn't had an educator in some time. I am looking for any CNA and RN orientation competency checklist and annual competencies PLEASE! Right now this facility doesn't have them at all. And the Code Blue sheets- I need to seriously revise. You can email them to noodles.noel@yahoo.com. I appreciate any help with this. I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Thanks!!
  3. jinglebellz

    need help-revamping my ER system and need guidance

    Yeah, we have that now. The issue I am having is 2 fold... 1. The secondary assessment is not being completed because the chart goes to the to be seen rack by the charge nurse before the assigned nurse gets to complete it. Then the doc picks it up and it never gets finished. 2. The charts are being picked up out of order and not according to acuity because they are being placed in the to be seen rack and some docs pull from bottom, some pull from top and some flip through a pick what pt they want to see. So I am trying to figure out a way that the secondary assessment is completed prior to being seen and a way to put them into some kind of identifiable order in the to be seen rack. Thanks for the info though:)
  4. Hi! I manage a level 3, 20 bed ED. I am revamping our triage system to a 5 tiered system. That isnt the issue. The issue I am currently having is how to devise a system that will identify the priority for the pts to be seen by the docs. Currently our system is such... The pt is triaged and given a level-the pt is then registered at front desk-then paper work is brought to charge for bed assignment- once pt is placed in bed, chart is placed in to be seen chart rack BEFORE secondary assesment is completed- MD picks chart up and sees pt...... OK the breakdown is when the MD picks up the chart from the to be seen chart rack. We do not have a system that helps the MD identify who is more critical and needs to be seen IE a level 3 before a level 5. It is just a vertical chart rack where the charge puts the charts in no real order to be picked up by MD. 1. I want the secondary assessment to be completed PRIOR to MD seeing pt. 2. How can I idnetify levels for the docs? I thought about a revolving chart rack with level at top... but I am not sure it would work. How are other ER's doing this process. Would love some new insight. Thanks!!

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