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  1. CardioNP, MSN, CRNP

    Will they require a DNP in the future to be a Nurse Practitioner?

    While there is currently no "mandate" for NPs to have a DNP, there are a growing number of schools that have eliminated the MSN option from their programs.
  2. CardioNP, MSN, CRNP

    Part timeNP salary

    You also need to consider that part-time employment will rarely be offered to new NP's. In general, you will need to work full-time for a year or two before going part-time. It's very difficult to gain proficiency as a new NP only working 20hrs a week. That being said, my hourly salary is almost exactly twice what my RN salary was, so theoretically you could make about what a full-time RN makes as a part-time NP.
  3. CardioNP, MSN, CRNP

    Universities with prearranged NP Practicums

    I recently graduated from Duke and they arrange clinicals for you...but the tuition is $$$$$$!
  4. CardioNP, MSN, CRNP

    Will they require a DNP in the future to be a Nurse Practitioner?

    I agree completely. I just graduated with MSN and passed boards and I'm gagging at the thought of 3 more years (part-time) to get DNP. I see it's value in academia and administration, but there is very little clinical benefit for those of use who wish to remain fully clinical providers. That being said, if more programs offered DNP programs where you could get a second clinical certification, I would be much more interested. For example, I'm a FNP and I would like to get AGACNP also, so instead of a post-masters certificate I can get a DNP with the AGACNP certification...sign me up!!
  5. CardioNP, MSN, CRNP


    Thank you! Good luck in your new role!!
  6. CardioNP, MSN, CRNP


    I will be taking AANP exam on Monday...so I'm going to keep an eye on this thread. Congrats on passing! How was it compared to your expectations? I took a PSI practice exam last night and scored an 88...so I feel slightly less panicked than I did a few days ago!
  7. CardioNP, MSN, CRNP

    Opinions please!!

    Hello all! I will be taking AANP FNP exam next week and have done online Fitzgerald supplemented with Leik. I am consistently scoring ~78-80% on Leik's practice questions and ~75% on Fitzgerald questions. I was just wondering, from everyone's experience, if those scores seem adequate to proceed with the exam in 4 days (knowing I still have a few days to tighten up a bit). Thanks for your input!!
  8. CardioNP, MSN, CRNP

    Working while in NP school

    I am going into my final semester of NP school at Duke and I have worked throughout the entire program. It definitely gets more difficult once you start clinicals since you have both classroom/didactic work in addition to clinical hours. I will work 3 12's in a Cath Lab and 2 days in clinicals. Yes, it sucks sometimes but we do what we must to achieve what's important to us! Good luck, you can do it!