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    Self-Assessment of Your Beliefs About Death and Dying

    i'm starting to feel like this job just isn't for me. last week a patient that i've taken care of quite a few times came back in the hospital. this situation was very grim, he had stage three colon cancer and 2nd degree lymphoma. i was there in the room when the physician came to speak to the family and he told them that he was considering operation for his blockage in his colon. its as if he told that poor family one thing.....i don't know if it was to pacify them. all of us nurses knew this man was too weak, i just don't understand why we don't just tell the family....i'm sorry but there isn't a thing that we can do, instead this poor family thinks that everything is going to be okay. the physician ordered 8cc's of morphine and for whatever reason i came in for my shift and i found out that the nurse i was releaving was giving him 10cc's every three hours and he had fallen in the bathroom and noone even notified the family. now this man was in coma, his vitals all dropped and she also had his o2 level on a 4. then the next day the physician ordered a dnr even though the patient was out of it. i couldn't believe he didn't contact the family....i thought for sure you had to have 2 signatures for a dnr. i just wish there was something i could have done.i love each and everyone of my patients and i want them to have the best of care....i don't know if it means that we have the right to pain management.i wouldn't want anyone to suffer, but how can we make that decision for them without even talking to this family.