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  1. irkedoneSN

    WHO DAT!!!

    Who Dat! My school, OLHCC, gave us Monday off to recover from the festivities after our win on Sunday. God Bless them.
  2. irkedoneSN

    LSU-New Orleans School of Nursing

    Hey! I go to OLHCC. This is my 2nd year in nursing there and it's great! It's incredibly stressful, hectic, time consuming, and crazy! I love it! However, you have to be on top of your **** to enjoy it. If you get behind, you start thinking about quitting. I know I have this semester. This is a great school to go to, or so we hear from nurses. They love having us on their floors and hospitals love our graduates (or so we hear, again). Every graduate last year got a job within a month. This is a TOUGH curriculum though. Lots of paperwork, testing, and studying! Thats all most of us do. Since its a smallish program (60 people in our class, 30 in the seniors') you make alot of friends. We are all in the trenches together. If you have any questions, peachy720, msg me!
  3. irkedoneSN

    End renal failure Nursing Diagnosis Help!!!

    If he has a permanent dialysis port that would be risk for infection I think.
  4. irkedoneSN

    Interpreting Lab Values

    Hello everyone! I have a pediatric rotation at the moment, and I'm doing a Kardex careplan on him, and it includes evaluating 5 diagnostic lab results. I chose the abnormal ones from the chart and am having a hard time interpreting them. MCHC: 30.2 gm/dl ref. range 32-35 gm/dl RDW-CV: 18.1% ref. range 11.5-15.4 % RDW-SD: 50.4 ref. range 35.1-46.3 These are the ones I'm having the most difficulty with. MCHC is the average concentration of hemoglobin wihtin a single RBC (Pagana & Pagana, 2009). His decreased level means he has a type of hypochromic anemia. I get that. What is the difference between the RDW-CV and RDW-SD? SD stands for standard deviation, which is derived from the number of RBC on the smear, so what's the CV? Does this mean he has a macrocytic, hypochromic anemia or what? HELP! so confuzzled His other lab that I'm having trouble interpreting is his ABS Basophil. I don't have a reference, and the hospital's lab didn't provide one on the report. The client's level is 0.114. So what does that mean? The reference range in my book, which doesn't specify peds, is 25-100 per mm^3. It doesn't match up at all. The reference for the % is 0.5-1, which is closer to my client's 0.114 result, but the test was ABS basophil, not basophil %. Any help would be appreciated!