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    Wonder how often this happens

    At our facility when an inmate returns from the hospital with a script the MD is phoned (if not on grounds) IF it is not a medication that we have in our pharmacy (EX: Percocet) our MD will order either Vic 5/500; Vic ES; Darvocet; Ultram. These orders are for a limited time period of course. If the inmate is released to general population he is given a pass to come to medical every 6 hours as needed for the pain medication for at least the first 48 hours, then tid/prn during regular pill call times. He is re-evaluated by the MD within the alloted time period (per policy) and pain meds decreased then discontinued. I have not witnessed the security staff having any say in what ACTUALLY occurs with the inmates receiving their pain meds or any other meds -- HOWEVER, that doesn't mean they don't keep their mouths shut about what they think the inmates should receive....