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  1. j3em2

    Am I Nurse Material?

    I am 41 yrs old and have been a nurse since 1989 & let me tell you that it is the best career I could have ever chosen. I did not know at 18 yrs old that this career would offer me so many options that have worked beautifully w/ my life and all it's changes over the years. My father suggested I try it when all I knew was that I wanted to work w/ people and do something meaningful. Yes, it was hard many times and I had to work for it....but it has brought more reward to my life than i could ever explain to you in an email. My resume' is 2 pages long -with many different types of nursing jobs -- but I have always been a nurse! How many careers offer you the opportunity to try so many different things? Don't think you like the type of nursing you are doing? Try something else! I have been a critical care/ER nurse, travelling nurse (in my younger, single days and maybe plans w/ my husband for retirement years to travel around?), workers' comp, insurance casemanagement/UR (for that Mon-Fri. no weekend/holiday time of life), home care, infusion nurse, private duty nursing, research and development, medical literature review on the side from home.......hmmm.... I think that about tells you all my endeavours. Right now, as a mom, I'm doing nights and sleep while the kids are in school or work weekends.....i work for an agency and make my own schedule (husband carries us on benefits now).......I've picked up 2nd jobs when I've needed to and did a few homecare visits on my way home from other jobs......Sure I've burned out in years past......but that was my own fault for chasing the "almighty dollar" and neglecting my self care needs....but the money is good. I say nursing is a "manipulative income" job......If I need more money - I can work more.......I don't worry about job security....ever! Nusing is the best career! Go for it!
  2. j3em2

    Having a hard time with work and TPAPN...Help!!!

    This posting is for Anne (sissiemamma) -- albeit I am very late in responding.......what did you mean to "PM" you? I really can't easily figure out my way around this website and could only get back to my original posting b/c you responded and it hit my home email...... Thanks. Joyce
  3. j3em2

    Having a hard time with work and TPAPN...Help!!!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this website and it was suggested I seek other nurses w/ experience dealing with getting or keeping a job with a noted discipline history on my license. I'm not familiar w/ TPAPN. My event occurred in 1992 -was not hospital med. related --and I completed the Impaired Prof. Program in 1998 (there was a lapse due to a fire in Harrisburg in 1993 and I was told my file was destroyed until it was recovered in 1997) - My family relocated a few years ago in part so I could work flexible hrs to be home w/ my young children. I am so grateful that nursing has many options. But I feel discouraged because I have been denied several jobs due to this noted discipline history when employers verify my license. I have tried waiting to discuss the situation until after a good interview and I have told them up front - either way, the nurse managers want me and HR denies me. All they have to do now is look it up on the internet and send an email to the contact to receive all the information. I know of someone else who completed the IPP and her license does not show a discipline history. I have read the other posts here and appreciate the general encouragement and suggestions. I just still cannot believe it never goes away......... If I'm understanding correctly, it seems my pursuit of casual or per-diem positions (to have flexible hours around my husbands job) makes it even harder to get a job verses full time or in a non hospital setting........ I am just so discouraged. I am also afraid of my anonymity here so please accept only my 1st initial as my name -thanks. J