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  1. mene79

    April NCLEX-PN Takers: Please Post Your Thoughts

    JIA, Have you tried the pearson vue trick? It worked for me. I went onto the website for registration and put in all of my info just like I was registering and answered the question if I have taken the exam before as yes and then when it came time to pay it wouldn't let me register and said something along the lines of I need to contact my state agency. You can google it. That's how I figured out how to do it. I hear it works all the time :)
  2. mene79

    April NCLEX-PN Takers: Please Post Your Thoughts

    Thanks 4Karrie2, I mainly just studied questions from Saunders 4th under the study mode to get all 3500 questions to come up and did 900 of them and you can bookmark ones you got wrong or want to go back to understand better and I read the rationals. When there was something I needed a refresher on I googled it or looked it up in my notes/books from class. I did make it a point to study up on hyper/hypocalcemia, hyper/hypothyroidism, well all the hyper/hypos. I hate those! There were about 10 prioritizing questions(who do you see first)another friend told me she had a lot of these too, 3 pictures, 10 SATA, and 4 drop and drag on procedures (not hard, just common sense:) ), maybe 10 direct drug questions. Infection control (droplet, airborne,contact) pt/staff teaching/safty. There a couple of diseases that I never heard of so I guessed that I did well enough to get the tough ones or at least that's what I told myself on the test to not stress. It all seems like a blur when you are done. JIA's mnemonics were very helpful too. I know some people say they got a lot of OB or Peds, or Cardiac. I do not believe that my test focused on anything specific. Which may seem troubling and vague, but I do think just studying questions and working on thinking them through is a good idea and when you keep getting some wrong then you know you have to study that content area. I didn't feel ready for the test and even woke up at 430am to study more LOL. I honestly thought I wasn't prepared and would fail because we learned so much in class how can they possibly narrow it down to 85-205 questions, but it wasn't nearly as difficult as I had made it in my mind.
  3. mene79

    April NCLEX-PN Takers: Please Post Your Thoughts

    Hi JIA thanks a bunch. It was nice to cram some more in before my test today. I passed (or at least the PVT says I did :) ) For anyone else. I too was freaked out about the April 2011 test. I finished my program in May 2010 and well life happened. I went back to teaching for the year and knew it was now or never. So happy I passed I studied about 900 questions in 2 weeks.Here's how my test went. I had 85 questions. In all it didn't seem too difficult and nothing like the study questions from Saunders. Although I didn't feel it was difficult I did leave there thinking geez I think I got this one or that one wrong! Would I spend time studying? Yes! Even though the questions weren't much like the ones I studied they were helpful for content and critical thinking. I think what helped me was reading the rationals and thinking about the systems and what happens next to make connections with prior knowledge of labs and s/s. Don't psych yourself out. :) I did for so long and had to take the dreaded harder April 2011 test :) Really just study and you will be fine. Good Luck.