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  1. BZ2SCS

    Quitting the StaRN program?

    Are you with HCA? Because I was with HCA hospital. Am not sure how to even inbox you in allnurses.com. If you find out let me know how I can chat with you let me know. I never paid back and they never pursue me nor my other colleagues.
  2. BZ2SCS

    Quitting the StaRN program?

    Hello my dear, I think I can help you with this one because I went through the same process as a new grad and it was the StarRN program for an HCA hospital in Florida. It was horrible and every day I felt like quitting and yes some days I felt like My license was at risk but I did not quit. I never started a day without praying because that was very important to me. The contract I signed was for the same amount of money as yours and many of the new nurses quit before the two years and they never pursue them for repayment (not even one of them) I remember some people quit after 3 months and did not have to repay. I stayed for one year until I got something better , I did not repay a penny and no one called me for reimbursement. Instead, the director was begging me to stay per diem and I said no. The contract is just to scare you, you don't even need a lawyer to sort this out. I can bet you they are paying you less than other people who were not part of that program and during the training they only pay $15/hour which is very unfair( so that's their reimbursement). As far as the charge nurse don't let her scare you keep asking her questions or find more experience nurses to help you. NEVER do something if you are unsure ALWAYS ask first. The first thing I did when I started as a new nurse, I got a malpractice insurance with the NSO and I still have it. I would say don't quit , try to give it one year or at least six months because it will look good on your resume , don't worry about the contract. Just let me know if you have more questions. Good luck!
  3. BZ2SCS

    FAU BSN-DNP start May 2018

    I am currently finishing my RN-BSN program at FAU and I am considering going to the BSN- DNP program (PMHNP). The only issue is that I don't have any Psych experience, I have experience in step down/ telemetry and PACU but I love mental health. My work schedule might also be an issue because I have only 3 days off (one day during week days and Saturdays and Sundays) not sure how that will work as far as clinical.
  4. BZ2SCS

    Miami Dade College Part Time RN

    If you want to start next fall (August 2010) its based on GPA. However, starting Spring semester admissions will be based on a test; they will no longer consider GPA. The exam will include reading,writing, math and science.
  5. BZ2SCS

    Why Are So Many Students Worried About Expensive Tuition

    Wow Interesting. So, let me say this, maybe you would appreciate this site "allnurses.com" more if they start charging you some big fees for it every months :twocents: . As far as am concerned you are taking advantage of it like everyone else. Is that the slap you were asking for?
  6. BZ2SCS

    Future RN

    I will start taking my Nursing prerequisites next month i already have a Bachelor degree in Business; i wish that i had chosen nursing in the first place because i need a recession Proof career. As far as the nursing salary this is what i got but this is since 2006, they probably pay more now. Maybe someone else could come up with something more recent because every site has different results. RN Median Hourly Rate by State (2006) California: $31.88 Florida: $23.26 Georgia: $23.83 Illinois: $25.00 Pennsylvania: $25.00 Tennessee: $22.25 Texas: $25.00
  7. BZ2SCS

    Hard work pays off!

    Congratulations i wish you all the best.