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  1. bitbuc

    2010 Navy ODS Class

    People always back out at the last minute. I didn't want to go to ODS in Feb. to cold for me. I am going in April then to N.C. Good luck to all of you leaving in a couple of weeks. Please post and let me know how ODS really is
  2. bitbuc

    Navy hopefuls waiting for ODS date/Station

    Yes I am prior service. I have friend that is retired and she is giving me alot of her uniforms. Thank god one is the mess dress
  3. bitbuc

    Navy hopefuls waiting for ODS date/Station

    I was told that I was selected on nov 8 and my orders are suppose to be cut on the 22nd. I leave for ODS April 11. I am going to Camp Legeune NC. My recruiter told me to call the detailer. I haven't heard about my commissioning date though. Has anyone else done it in uniform? My family wanted to put my bars on me to make it a little more special.
  4. bitbuc

    Navy commission

    I was finally accepted!! I have a couple questions now. Has anyone been commissioned in their uniform? I wanted to so my son could pin my bars on but my recruiter told me I can't get any uniforms or even my id until I get to Rhode Island. Has anyone else gotten uniforms or id before they left. I was told the tailor at ODS was really expensive. Thanks for any help.
  5. bitbuc

    Navy fy 2010 acceptance

    Congrats:yeah: I just sent mine in and it was reviewed last week. Now it is the waiting game. Does anyone know when the next board date is? My recruiter told me I should hear something in a couple of weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed.