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  1. Megruca15

    Cerritos College Bridge

    Yesterday I received another orientation letter!!! i went last year?! I've been waiting an entire year to start and some people who applied after me already started last January. I call the school to inquire and they skirt around and do not give you a definitive answer. when I went to orientation last summer the DON said I am most likely going to start August 2018....now I get this letter for orientation on June 28th and it says in bold "Your acceptance is pending confirmation for space available at this time. " what does that mean exactly?!? They are waiting for slots for August or I've been bumped again and need to wait another year? I am so disheartened I want to give up. if someone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Megruca15

    Cerritos college 2017 fall cycle

    I was at the June orientation ....I applied for the LVN-RN bridge I did not receive letter this October for the Spring start. Did you get accepted? Are you doing the generic or LVN bridge? I am getting so upset waiting and I completely do not understand why I got a letter to attend the orientation if I don't even know when I am going to start....
  3. Megruca15

    LVN BRIDGE Cerritos College

    Hey everyone. I just went to the orientation for Cerritos College on June 22nd. I feel like a rug was pulled from underneath my feet. I applied for the bridge program back in February. The letter I received in May for the orientation was very misleading It did not say yes or no I got in specifically but it was telling me to complete my titers and PPD ...which I did beforehand. At the orientation there was a separate table for all LVNs to pick up packets for our Physicals etc...I sat with other LVNS and we were all under the same impression that we were going to start. It was not until the very end of the 3 hour orientation that we were NOT getting in and that they only had room for 6 people. One of the LVN's I was sitting next to applied the exact same time I did but some how ended up on a higher waiting list than me...so he may possibly starting in January of 2018 and I am possibly going to start NEXT August 2018. The wind was knocked out of me and I cried the whole way home. I am 33 years old and I just want to get this done already. I want to get married, have babies and move on with my life. This is the only school I applied for because they have such a good reputation for forming awesome RN's. Sorry for the long complaint I am just super depressed and need to vent to people that may understand.
  4. Megruca15

    Cerritos College: Getting into Nursing Program

    Hi everyone!! I am a LVN looking to bridge into the last year of the ADN program at Cerritos. i am finishing my micro and have physiology next spring. I am going to study for the TEAS exam during winter break. I am currently in Nursing 250 with Mrs. Riedel (who is an absolute crack up!) for the LVN bridge class. i am super nervous all of a sudden, I have worked in Ambulatory my entire LVN career. The last time i was in an acute setting was in the LVN program 6 years ago and also i was a CNA on an Oncology floor for fours years, over ten years ago. Can anyone give me some pointers on calming my nerves? Also, should i apply in March? i will have one science in progress and still need to take the TEAS. or should i just wait until next October? Thanks so much for any input you may have!
  5. Megruca15

    PASSED the NCLEX first time with 75 questions!

  6. Hi! I am currently an LVN and have been for the past 5 yrs. I am finally going back to school (30yrs old) to get my RN. I started last semester and am trying to complete my prerequisites , i finished one last semester in hopes to start my sciences this upcoming fall. well once again, disappointment strikes and i am unable to get into any science classes, thus prolonging my goal to have this done before 35. Im not giving up just frustrated with the impaction of the schools and do not want to pay 100,000 at a private school. A little encouragement is needed right now. Thanks in advance.
  7. Megruca15

    Nurses with DUI's...

    If a Nurse receives a DUI. Does NOT have any prior criminal, felony background. Clean as a whistle and unfortunetly gets smacked with one of these....how exactly does it work letting the BOARD know? Do you wait until you receive the renew license form and mark the box? Do you call the BOARDS? Is there a penalty for waiting over a year to report it? No jail time was issued, site and release misdameanor. Class for first offender of DUI completed. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. I am currently an LVN and have been looking into National University. I still need a few science courses and even though its about 1200 to take a course there for GE i am almost tempted only because of how impacted community colleges are. Here is the thing, the counselor told me that they are Regionaly Accredited so any course i take there will transfer to any other school that is also regionaly accredited, ex: Cal State Fullerton, etc... Is this true? Does anybody know of anyone that participated with National University? Graduated? any feedback would be greatly appreciated. im biting my nails right now trying to come up with a game plan. Thank you in advance.