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  1. did you know that the new dean wscn hired last year was an administrator in north park’s nursing program? i think a lot of the changes and improvements at wscn have come from the things she initiated. coming here may have given the dean the ability to move beyond north park and to meet the new state and national guidelines a lot faster. ihat's what i heard. i like it.
  2. Redbutton1

    West Suburban College of Nursing - April 2009

    Your loss! A 92%, up from 85%. They have a good tutoring program, seminars that I have attended this year on study skills and test taking skills, and I have heard that over 90% of graduating nursing students from any where take an NCLEX review course. So will I. You don't spend the money and the time in school not to put some final touches on your preparation. Do you think that WSCN is keeping Kaplin, Dr. Martin, ATI, and others in business all by themselves? West sub is one of the very few schools that will even look at a student with less than a 3.0 gpa and they are still at a 92%. So you can take your 2.85 and sit in line at other colleges and universities and maybe never get in. Yes there is trouble here. And they have been making changes. Straight "A" or not, this isn't General Education. I'm spending more time studying now than I have ever studied in my life. I can't count the number of nights we were out of here at 2:00 am and I can guarantee you that I'm in the faculty's office frequently. If you are struggling then get off the blog and go study! And if you are writing for someone, well....don't, just because it's stressfull dosen't mean it's bad. Just be supportive of your spouse or daughter or who ever. They will make it if they do the right stuff and spend enough time.
  3. Redbutton1

    West Suburban College of Nursing - April 2009

    1) when did you apply and how soon did you hear back from them (phone call or letter) about being accepted or being denied acceptance? i applied several months prior to the deadline. i also had some difficulty rounding up all the paper work that i needed. once all my stuff was turned in, it wasn't too long. i would give them a call. 2) what is the schedule for the classes?! do they meet once a week for 3 hrs. (like the school i am currently at now) or do they meet more than once or twice a week?! we meet twice a week for about 2 hours. we have eight week classes that usually meet twice a week. but, only two classes at a time. the first semester we had three though. it is a lot of work but at least it is only two classes instead of four or five. 3) do you start clinicals right away like in the first semester you start the program?! where are some of the clinical sights?! we started with some type of experience the first semester during foundations. but more so in the second eight weeks during cdh i. it was nice to finally get to work with patients, though it was different than sitting patho and pharm. 4) when did you start the program and how soon did you finish (graduate)?! which program were you in?! i started this year and will finish next may. i"m in the fast track program, though i think they are going to a year-round program soon. 5) did anyone ever go from a university nursing program to wscn?! i don't know. if you've been there you probably should of asked. give them a call back. i know that not many, if any at all, schools transfer nursing courses. hope that helps.
  4. Redbutton1

    West Suburban College of Nursing - April 2009

    well, i guess you are getting one side of the story. wscn is difficult and they have their problems (i heard that uic is losing their whole nursing leadership team-what is going on there). there are a few faculty that i don't like either (lisa phd), but there are more than two good faculty. if you talk around, the big mass exodus from the school was about eight years ago. since i've been there, they have only lost three that i know of (two they could afford to lose) but have hired six or seven. i like the ones i've met. if you knew the old dean, and have spent any time with the new dean and her assistant dean, they are way better than the last dean. though your friend may not have got what she asked for, it seems that everybody is being treated more equally across the board. i'm glad your wife is getting straight "a"s. i'm not. but wscn has done a lot in the last two years that has helped me. they started a tutoring service which has helped me a lot (though i don't see many of my classmates taking advantage of it). there was a big cheating ring going on in my class last year. when the administration found out, they made our whole class retake one exam. i still passed. they also added examguard to the computers which kept a lot of students from e-mailing the exams to their classmates (it still isn't working well). and i don't like the ati either, but it has made me study harder and i get better grades. not all faculty use it the same way, but i attended the review session by the company rep (the only senior student in the session that i could see) to learn how to better use the review module and practice exams. it helped. i too would recommend study groups, attend review sessions, and review the ati. how could any student come to wscn (or any other nursing school) and not expect to study hard. most of the nursing schools around the area required a 3.0 gpa to get in. wscn required only a 2.75. when i was applying, uci, lewis, rush, niu all had at least 200 students on a wait list. it seems that some students should feel lucky to get into wscn and would have a hard time making it up to the level of what is expected. the college must be doing some things right if they went from 60% pass rate to an 80"something"% pass rate since i've been there. think about it and then go study some more - we have projects due in a week!