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  1. pete_bobb

    Changing Surgical Scrubs

    In over 20 years, including over 20 facilities while working as an agency tech, I have never encountered a facility that refuses to pay for manditory work performed. How often are you forced to work through breaks and lunch and not get overtime pay?
  2. pete_bobb

    Changing Surgical Scrubs

    I started at a surgical center last week where the rules state that you MUST wear surgical scrubs in the surgery suites, and you must leave the surgery center scrubs at work at the end of your shift. The rules state that changing into the employer required scrubs from street clothes at the beginning of the shift and changing from the employer required scrubs to street clothes at the end of the shift is unpaid mandatory work duties for all hourly employees. In over 20 years of working in PeriOperative, I have never before worked for an employer that did not pay hourly employees for the mandatory changing of clothing from street clothes to surgical scrubs. Does the Department of Labor have a rule that requires employers to pay hourly employees when the employer requires a work duty to be performed? Can anyone provide a link to the law?