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    Thanks for the input. Listening to everyone (who have kids, who work ft/pt, etc) makes me feel silly for even being concerned!
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    I guess you could call me: pre-pre nursing :) I've recently started school after a 4 year hiatus. I wouldn't say that I was ever a strong student (school definitely wasn't my passion) during high school and my first 2 years of very part time community college. Although, this semester has been proving to be great, as I will finish with A's in each of my classes. I have all of my science courses to take before I can apply- which sounds insanely discouraging- but I'm sticking it out. I'm on a semi-tight schedule since I'd like to apply to the RN program for Fall 2010- but may need to wait until 2011 since the school may not let me with 2 sciences concurrent to applying. I plan to take a creative English course, Intro to Chem and Anatomy during Fall 09 semester and Intro to Spanish, Physiology and Microbiology Spring 2010. I am telling myself that it might be a little much but I will not be working and I have no children (other then my fuzzy, 4 legged kind) to interfere with my studies. I assume some students have taken this kind of course load before.. any tips, hints, suggestions? Am I totally insane for trying to take this on? I'll be getting tutors as well and spending most of my time in the lab and/or library. I know I will need a 4.0 to even be considered but I am more than willing to put in the hard work for it. Someone, please help ease my obsessive thinking! Thanks for reading :)

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