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  1. hopeful2386

    Starting school, not sure if I should work, help

    yes i have been working but i just recently switched jobs from lifeguarding to being a CNA. As a lifeguard, i could usually study or do my homework during work because we weren't very busy. But now as a CNA I won't have the free time that I had as a lifeguard.
  2. I'm starting my critical care rotation this semester and I'm not sure if I should work. I have class four days a week and a test almost every week. I work weekends and night shifts but I'm worried that I shouldn't work through it. I was wondering if its a good idea or not to work during this clinical since its supposed to be the hardest one yet. Any thoughts?
  3. hopeful2386

    Care plan for urosepsis

    I have a patient with urosepsis and I'm not sure what I should do for a care plan. She is mildly mentally retarded, dependent in all self cares, has a rapid pulse, edema in ankles and legs, two pressure ulcers, has an indwelling urinary catheter, has high respirations and very short of breath and she has a negative fluid balance. Currently her mom is with her all day and night. I was thinking of doing ineffective health maintence but wasn't really sure if that was priority. I'm sure thats not enough information but I could use all the input I could get.
  4. hopeful2386

    Nursing Diagnosis help with Deficient Fluid Volume

    I know, its all good. I'll figure something out. I was just looking for some advice. Thanks!
  5. hopeful2386

    Nursing Diagnosis help with Deficient Fluid Volume

    Yeah I have to use it because i'm re-doing it cuz I didn't do it right... this was last week so I'm trying to remember everything but I can't seem to think of anything. I know they were gonna try and correct it, and I know they opened her up and did something to correct it. I just don't have enough information and I was just trying to figure out how its all connect. Thanks for all the input.
  6. hopeful2386

    Nursing Diagnosis help with Deficient Fluid Volume

    She's NPO and on an NGT. When she came in she was nauseated and vomiting. She had a small bowel obstruction and had small bowel series done. She is on IV fluids. Her blood pressure kept fluctuating from high to low.
  7. So I'm doing a care plan on Deficient Fluid Volume and I'm terrible at care plans. My teacher is having me re-do it and it needs to be turned in tomorrow by midnight! I'm having trouble figuring out what my Rational for my Etiology is. my related to is active fluid volume loss from dehydration secondary to NPO. My as manifested by is inadequate fluid intake, decreased blood pressure, nausea and vomiting. How do i relate that?