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  1. Sounds totally insane to me!:smackingfMaybe they did it on purpose to see how you handled it all? Sounds as though you handled it all well in spite of it. Still, interviewer somewhat unprofessional in doing this. You do have to jump through a lot of hoops, bells & whistles sometimes to get a good interview. Remembering back to my interviews I was told right up front that for every interview you would go to there would be 6-10 others more experienced, or qualified for the position. Before sending resumes, or interview you must do some research on the employer, and how you will ans various questions they might ask you on why you chose them to apply too, and what you feel you have to offer to them if hired! I'd sent out or taken my resumes, and cover letters to all, but some interviewers said they had others yet to interview, and that if I would be considered I would get a call or letter to come in for a second, and more thorough interview.There were a few though that never got back to me, and in that case you were to figure they had filled the position! Some responded back in timely order, but some also never got back to me for whatever their reasons. However, Thank you notes, and individuality of notes were sent by me to all my job interviewers. You are told this is expected of you to do as a professional. You are expected to dress, and conduct yourself professionally. In an after thought on this, why they did interviews in such a manner is totally insane! Just as in preporation for interviews you were not to ask what the starting wage would be:dzed: Why they would think you would not want to know about wages is also insane! If they didn't tell you at some point of the interview what wage you would start at then asking might,or might not be in order? My first job interview was intense to say the least! I had left my husband but he knew where, and when my interview was to be, and he showed up there outside the interviewers office, and wanted to talk about things. I was so uptight of it all I figured I'd probably not get hired, but afterward the interviewer told me that I had acted commendable under the pressure, and that they usually chose from the top 3rd of the class, which I was of, In asking when I could start job I said the next day if possible! I aced the interview, and did get back with husband. I worked as a float nurse for the 1st 6 months; evenings, then was asked to go to permanent full time position on the oncology unit. 6 yrs later hospital renovations closed that unit, and I was then offered position on days, part time; a new unit. A yr later went to full time that unit, but due to back injuries became disabled, and was offered to return to school for education to approach nursing from a diff angle, as my Dr's urged me to do. A yr later I grad from EBI, and was asked to take fulltime position as Unit Secretary on the same unit I'd worked as a nurse, at comparable wagees. Eventually I relocated to a state further south, and other jobs through the yrs before totally retiring. I have mentioned it all so you can see how the twists & turns of life, and work can be.
  2. leenie123

    My God, these family members!!

    Good Idea! However, I'm sure I would of been on her "poop list" no pun intended!
  3. leenie123

    My God, these family members!!

    Would of been told it is all in the day on the job, and to just suck it up! The last place work for me usually N-aids were lat alot or one after another reason why they were late, or didn't come in. There uswually was 2 full time LPN's, and an RN, as charge nurse, + a temp or 2 sometimes to help, and the supervisor. Of course we always worked short of staff. So, The 2 LPN's Had to split the unit of about 40 or so Pts. Those nurses also passed all meds,IV's, Tfeedings, all treatments, and drsg chngs, plus constantly getting interrupted to have to go to the N-station for one phone call after another all day. The nurses also did the BP's, and bl glucose tests, and insulin, and all other injections. etc..Made for alot of locking, and unlocking the med, and tx carts. The last place I worked the nurse supervisor also expected the nurse's to do bedside cares if the n-aids were busy, or just plain not there! If you couldn't get it all done by end of shift you were told you needed to start making better use of your time! Absolutely insane!:spin::smackingfEven working through your lunch and brakes you still couldn't get it all done. It was very stressfull, and exhausting. I finally quit the place. It was quit or lose your mind, I just quit!!! It just depends on the staffing, and how well they also work tog! I had sugested they get a unit clerk to ans the phones, and some of the paper work, but that went over like a lead you know what.
  4. leenie123

    What do you call your "greatest" compliment?

    There were several, but the one that always comes to mind is that after giving an elderly pt alot of bedside care, and her meds & tx's she told me as I went out the door that if ever there is a stairway to heaven I would deffinately be on it!
  5. :nurse:How I delt with it was to look at it as my penence for the day, and offerd it up spiritually! Worked for me! also built more tolerence, and empathy for even the most obnoxious pts! Team mates would marvel at how I kept my cool even under duress...was all good, good! It helped me become more tolerent.
  6. leenie123

    Medical Terminology in Nursing...

    To studiousme......absolutly!
  7. :nono:Re: Nurse that told pt that the nurses aid would be her nurse that night. Among other things; not right, and way not cool! Considering legal possible ramifications, pt's rights, and working out of ones job description why would an aid want to put their self into that position in the first place? Secondly why would a nurse do that considering any no of senario that could go wrong? Nurses are overworked and under paid, but pts safety comes first, and for most!
  8. Any medical employer, or facility I ever worked always gave, as part of the orientation, an indepth job description listing everything you were responsible to do, and in what scope to do it. The legal responsibilities that go with your title & job description should be a consern because if something you did was not in your description, and the pt was injured in some way you could be sued, and or lose your liscense. All nurses need to get malpractice Ins. I also kept my own log on a daily base so I would have info reference in case anything should happen to a pt I'd been assigned. There was one instance for me where someone that had been a pt of mine in past took legal action against the facility, and I had to testify regarding the pt's Ins co! My log I kept helped jog my memory of the pt, and info about that pt, and cares given, etc.. If you are a nurse you need to have the malpractice Ins coverage for peace of mind, as well as legalities. I can not imagine why anyone in the medical profession would want to call themself a nurse if they were not! :confused:CYA.
  9. Though I went to school and stateboards there for license; I moved to Va, and certified as a nurse to work there as well, and it greatly disturbed me working in Va as a nurse to see MA's passing meds,etc; even letting pts think they were nurse:eek: One even asked me once if I wanted her to pass my meds to pts for me? Taken aback is putting it mildly! I felt also that I went through alot to earn that license, and the responsibilities that went with it, and was taken aback by it all! At another nursing home I had worked I heard MA's more than once when a pt was asking her who her nurse was for that day, the MA told pt she was her nurse for the day, Unbelievable! I promptly walked into the pts rm, and informed pt, and the MA that I was her nurse for that day, and that the MA was just that--an assistant! Very disheartening, and dangerous for pt, as well as made the nurse job harder CYA!
  10. leenie123

    Disgusting Behavior of Nurses

    The most sickening thing I saw a fellow nurse do once was at break time, and she always stirred her coffee with the pen she used, all day! The pen surely had germs on it!
  11. leenie123

    Enough is Enough

    :hdvwl:I also went through what all you say, but Half my nursing career I worked as a oncology nurse, and it was standard each nurse was assigned 6-8, or more pts daily. We were to do all the pts bedside cares from meds, Iv's, pre-op,and post-op care, transport your pts where they had to go ie: x-ray;cardio;transfer to another floor, discharg pt, admitt, all vitals as Dr ordered, water pitchers, bed side bath, and personal care; including shaving of elderly males, feeding them if they were feeders TXs,ambulating, assist'g them if needed to BR, back rubs, q2hr repositionings, etc......and more. All paperwork for those pts, ans call lights promptly, and charting on those pts, med count at chng of shift, as well as reporting on those pts to the oncoming nurse. For some reason the unit worked extreemly well! The nurses were top notch, and the aids also. We helped each other where needed too. I am firm believer in "You are only as good as your staff!" The head nurses, and supervisors were super as well. Everyone knew what they were to do, and got on with it. I also became a nurse because I loved helping elderly, and felt they deserved the best, and then some from me! The second half my career as a nurse I worked in nursing homes; as I had relocated south. The N-homes were much less superior in pt care due to no way you could do good care when you were assigned 30, or so pts! Add Tx's, and meds to that, and lots of other things, and there was no way you could give the care you trained to do! I am sorry, but I found a big diff between working in the North, as apposed to South! The last place I worked was advertising as non-profit org, and none descriminating.....it was anything but! The place was always working the nurse short, and overburdened, and expected to perform miracles. There was hardly ever time to take brake, or sit. It was run, run about all shift, you were 80% of the time not enough supplies, and then the chng of shift chores, and charting, and paper work, drug counts, and reporting to next shift!!! Some have said you ought to just take your brake, or go to the BR, etc..that sounds good in theory, but when you have so many pts under your chrg. You had to stay on top of the NA's there as well or they did less than good cares. At times you couldn't even find them to tell them a pt needed bedside, etc care; and the time it would take to hunt them down you could of done the chore yourself already! The DON was something else!!!:angryfire If you complained she would pile more on to you, and then tell you you needed to utilize your time better and be out of there at end of shift!!! Unbelievable it was! It was suppost to be one of the best n-homes in the area, and if you were not clocked out within a hr of end of shift they told you to chart your notes the next day???:confused:In training you are told to do the days note charting, and not to leave it to the next day, or it might not get charted. Legalities as well in that!!! One reason I did the work of 2 nurses to CMA. When you got that many pts and constantly interrupted when you are passing meds, etc to have to take pts familys phone calls, or someone fell, or had to be transported to ER for what ever......let alone pain meds, and shots, it was just nuts!!! When I finally just out right quit alot of the pts, and their family members said I would be greatly missed. In order to give good care to pts you had to always hurry, hurry. It was unbelievable!!! Oh, and the pay sucked! I don't know what the future will hold for pts, and nurses, but changes are always suppost to be for the better, but alot of times are not! Some would say I ought to of wrote the aids up for shoddy care, etc, but the DON wass half the problem. When I left that place I never looked back!
  12. leenie123

    Enough is Enough

    It's that way lots of places sadly! I think they need to staff better, and according to what degree of diff the pts are. So many places work the staff short. It's exhausting, and it is hard on everyone including the Pt's. A unit is only as good as the staff it has! When you have staff that work well together it is great. Know your job description and stick to it! Noone should be doing assignments if they are not qualified to do them; simple as that. CYA!
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    Someone should warn people!!!

    I don't know about other states but here in Va they started recruiting nurses from Asia, Europe, etc...The pay their way here, and pay their housing, etc, and their tuition! The only catch is once you pass state boards you have to work 2 yrs for the particular hospitral that payed your way. Seems small price for it all. It did fire up home land student Nurses a bit as they felt the non American ones were taking jobs away! I don't know if this is common practice now other areas in the country. I just found out my one cousins daughter that had grad college, and gone back to NY! Reason......had to work with too many aids, and infectious pts, and didn't like it! So, she is off to Rochester, or Buffalo learning to be a Dr's Aid. Her younger sister also up there studying to be a nurse! All I've heard is that there is a shortage of nurses in the US???
  14. leenie123

    Someone should warn people!!!

    The school I had attended way back told us that not too long in the future LPN's would be eliminated. Charting also on the way out with computer taking over! I don't know if it is good or bad? You still need backups or lose the info:eek: I would think home nursing would be more in demand now with the cost of everything sky high now!
  15. leenie123

    Someone should warn people!!!

    Hi, Temp services, or in home cares might be the way to get time on your side! Also in ans to a question someone had about getting hired: Yrs ago when I was in nursing school instructors told us that before too long there would be changes in Nursing, and that eventually there might just be 2 kinds of nurse. A technical nurse; that did most the bedside pt cares, and charting, etc, and a Bicleariate (sp)degree nurse? Don't know if I spelled that right, but thats what we had been told! Nursing homes, or in home cares may be what one does now to get some working experience! Yrs ago, I got hired right away even before results in from the state boards, and I worked as float every day and after 6 mo's I was given fulltime on evening shift. Back then the hospitals only hired ones that had grades in top 1/3 of their class. After 6 mo's I was given full time work evenings on oncology floor. Several yrs later I went to med/surg floor, yrs after that I went to nursing homes to work in an other state as I had relocated! Persistance is good....and good idea every wk to check the main message board regarding any job positions coming up for hire; every place has a message board where they put that info. The option also would be to go back to school for still more training in a specialized field! Do a little research about specialized positions in medical. My granddaughter just grad from phleobotomy class, and got a great job as lab tech, working front and back of the office, doing the scheduling, and office work as well as doing EKGs, and other things! She likes the job! My daughter also was lab tech for a lg clinic that had several offices in the area, and she worked the front and back blood work, etc, every wk shed be working a diff clinic; rotation. She liked it also, however......a very ill person was in for her to draw blood on, and the woman vomited all over my daughter; got it on her face, eyes,etc..... never did find out what was wrong with that woman: ever since my daughter got some strange skin condition, and can not work any more! Unbelievable, but it happens sometimmes, no matter how careful you are. Right now is a terrible time for job looking with ecconomy as it is, but I'd say if no ones hireing local then you might have to go out of town for a job. Have you checked with any other states via computer? TX used to have recruters looking for good nurses, and gave even generous bonuses if you relocated! Another place to get hired also might be the V A hospitals. I think every state has one? 2 of my class mates got hired right away after grad and relocated to Arizona, and somewhere down south, and they really liked their jobs!