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    University of Phoenix MSN Program

    Thanks for all the great info on UOP. I am considering completing my NP with a MSN as I was certified back when I was in my 20's. I have been debating doing the MSN Completion for NP's (I am cert'd in women's health) or just getting it over with and doing an FNP MSN program. The debate stems from the ultimate number of hours, getting the MSN completed, versus, doing a Post MSN FNP certificate. I am still undecided, as money is an issue, and I am approaching 50, so the cost benefit equation bothers me. I have been away from nursing for 14 years, although I have been constantly volunteering during that time with our Medical Reserve Team in our Village, but now have started back to work as a triage RN with a occupational health company. I was wondering about admission and not currently having recent JOB experience..I had been a 70 hour per week OB/GYN NP for 10 years when I left the workforce. Anyone else doing a NP Completion or the Post certificate FNP that would care to chime in...I need some help deciding....on which path to follow>...thanks, Renee:bugeyes: