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  1. Hi! I need some help!! I have been completely beside myself after clinicals today and I just need some advice from other nurses! Ok, my patient I was assigned today went home so at the last minute my instructor gave me a patient to administer a medication to. The new patient was ordered Dilaudid 2mg/1mL IVP. After veryifying orders, I began looking up the drug to work out my calculations. The drug book states it can be given undiluted, but with it being only 1 mL, I chose to dilute with 5 mL of NS in order to push 6 mL over 4 minutes, or 0.40 mL over 15 seconds. My plan was to use a 10 mL syringe with NS, discard 5 mL and draw up my dilaudid from the glass vial. The instructor gave me the go ahead and I began to do this. Well, as I am finishing adding the Dilaudid to my syringe, she tells me that I have done this incorrectly and I need to stop. I freak out! I step back and begin to walk through the steps I have just done! I have given this drug with other instructors on numerous occasions and I knew that I had done the correct steps. She goes on to tell me that I should have done the following way: 1. Draw up the Dilaudid in a 3 mL syringe (due to the fact that there is about 1/10 more Dilaudid in the glass vial and I have to waste it) ?? I have never been told this! 2. Use my 10mL NS syringe and waste the 5 mL 3. With the needle on the Dilaudid syringe, add the medication to the NS syringe. Is this the way that it is done? I am trying to figure out if I was taught incorrectly and this is really how to mix this medication (and any medication in a vial). Sorry for the long post! I have never received a "U" on medication administration ever and I am upset! Thanks!!
  2. RNtoB2010

    The Truth about Hinds ADN program

    Congrats on finishing 1st! I just finished 2nd and I am so happy to have that behind me! It was TOUGH! We lost so many people this semester! But, IT IS possible to make it through! Here are a few tips! 1. LEARN YOUR LAB VALUES: You will need these for the rest of your nursing career so you might as well learn them now! I put them on notecards and carried them with me everywhere. Every opportunity I had I used to memorize them. 2. LEARN ACID/BASE BALANCE: This too is something you will always need! It's quite confusing at first so study good! You will most likely have a question on every test with some values. There's a book that explains is well...Acid/Base Balance for Dummies. 3. The tests will frustrate you! I thought 1st were bad with there being two possible answers, but it has nothing on this! Every test I thought I did great, but ended up not doing as good as I thought! Study hard for the tests! Its a lot of material to learn! 4. Know your medication contengencies....and when you go to check your meds with your instuctor the morning of clinicals, you better know what lab values to look at before giving the meds and you should know the pts most recent value to tell them! And lastly BE PREPARED FOR CLINICALS! Go ahead and not plan anything on Tues! After you get your pt, you will need the day to complete the process tool, look up the 15+ meds, and write your diagnoses. Not being prepared will be a sure fire way to get sent home with a big fat U! I've heard the same about 3rd clinicals so I'm freaking out a bit! Good luck this semester! You can do it!!
  3. RNtoB2010

    The Truth about Hinds ADN program

    I was exactly where you are last year. I was so excited to start nursing school, but was scared to death of what I was about to get into all because of the negativity that I had heard. Honestly, it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Relax! Do what you need to do: stay ahead, read, listen in class, study, practice your skills, and don't be afraid to ask for help! Remember your ABC's (airway, breathing, circulation) on tests, take one question at a time, and decide what will cause the patient the most harm when you have a priority test question. Just don't go in hating the instructors and thinking negative! Keep your head up and don't forget...it's only 4 semesters! It will fly by! Oh, yeah...nursing is not for everyone and the majority of the rumors come from those who aren't prepared and are not taking it seriously! Good luck!
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    People going to Hinds AHC for Nursing...

    I'm just finishing up 1st semester so here's what our schedule was like... Mon/Tues: lecture-usually 8-12ish Wed/Thurs: lab 8-3 or clinicals (when you get to that point) 6:45-3 Fri: varies-class sometimes or just a test, but usually no class I've been told 2nd is about the same. Hope this helps! Good luck!